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  1. Daniel Greenfield's take on HusseinO

    Political Rhetoric
    Daniel Greenfield is a freelance writer out of NY and had the following piece published by Canadian Press. It reads pretty precise to my views and hopefully portrays accuracy in the increasing displeasure and ultimate downfall of hew current idiot in the WH. This is likely the kind of...
  2. Daniel Hannan telling it like it is!

    Political Rhetoric
    The idiots in DC should take note!
  3. to those who pray'd for little daniel,

    PB Open Water
    thanks to all of you that prayed for little daniel' I'm happy to post that he is out of the coma and is in rehab now. I went to see him friday, he couldn't speek but could move his hands as of today (sunday) he is speeking 2 and 3 word sentences thanks again to all, Steve to those of you...