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  1. Double Dare

    New member Introductions
    I'm the proud ( and slightly mad of course ) new owner of the 18' Taylor SS with 2 x 460 Ford engines, called Double Dare ( ex Quicksilver ) and would like to get as much history and early photo's as I can on this escapee from the lunatic asylum. I've resisted renaming it with other names such...
  2. Take the Obama poll if you dare . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    Here's your chance to say what you think about this president. NEW SURVEY: Should President Obama Be Impeached? | The Tea Party News Network |
  3. Dare I do this...?

    Jet Boats
    After replacing the heads and cam on my 460 this winter, I dropped a valve after about 40 minutes of driving time. One of the valve keepers broke in half. No idea why. I have the vid of when this happened.... The machine shop is handling the head repair, again. I now have a nice gouge in one of...
  4. double dare is up for sale, twin bbf, twin pumps

    Jet Boats
    was checking out the taylor website and noticed andy was selling his double dare taylor ss. if anyone wants a badassss boat, this sucker is it. i've seen it in person and the detail work is there, super neat boat. twin blown bbf's, twin pumps:)grn here's a link to some pics...
  5. Dare I ask.....Prop 8

    Political Rhetoric
    Where do you stand on 8? It's a no vote for me.
  6. Dare Me Bikini??

    PB Open Water
    So did every girl in the channel buy one of these this weekend? The lady was selling these by the shops under the bridge. My wife bought two and our friends bought 5 more among them. I think That Guy's wife bought two and Todd969's crew bought a few as well. I saw these all over this...
  7. Do I Dare Ask?

    PB Open Water
    Our 25th is coming up this week, and Nancy won't give me any hints, except that she absolutely refuses a new car, we're out of boating for the most part, and we're up to here with cruises, etc. Please, especially ladies, do you have anything out of the ordinary for our anniversary? She doesn't...