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  1. Pics from Billy's deal at Pirates Cove

    Long drive for a day there but well worth it.
  2. Tax Reform Deal

    Political Rhetoric
    I guess CNN is going to have a hard time convincing people how bad the new tax deal is to the 20,000 new hires from Apple. Another $350BN infused in the US economy isn't a bad thing. $38BN in tax revenue isn't going to hurt the US either.. Funny how you won't find this headline on CNN or MSNBC...
  3. Package deal (not mine)

    :)devil:)devil 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV | eBay
  4. Cheryl Mills given immunity deal

    Political Rhetoric Now why would she need immunity??
  5. 2000 19' Elim Daytona RAW DEAL

    Boats for Sale
    2000 19' Eliminator Daytona. This boat is in excellent condition. 3rd owner. It has a BBC 496 10.5:1 Berkeley jet with stainless A impeller with stainless shaft Jetaway Pop off co2 filled Hydraulic place diverter Front aluminum wing. The trailer is also in excellent shape. Freshwater...
  6. iOS sbc turbo deal with headers

    Parts for Sale
    Interested in changing my boat over to a turbo set up, what's out there?
  7. [SOLD] DART PRO 1's. (deal fell through)

    Parts for Sale
    DART PRO 1's USED Dart Pro1's 345cc runners Was 119 cc has been resurfaced , now 112 cc chambers Fresh rebuilds ARP rocker studs One chamber has had minor repair Exhaust ports at header flanges have slight dimpling, doesn't effect performance at all Completely assembled Springs setup for...
  8. Cl deal again. Let's go racing!!

    Boats for Sale
    Not mine but looks to be a killer deal if ha wanted to go racing. I want the arias from it!!
  9. *** killer deal ***

    Parts for Sale
    Complete Blower Setup Going to sell my complete blower setup. Tall deck Intake, 8-71 Littlefield blower, Enderle Buzzard injection hat, 80A fuel pump, 14mm pulleys,Kevlar belt, idler bracket, crank hub, and zoomies. Call 6267867779 Nick
  10. How big a deal to swap out TRS and trans

    Guys, I'm looking at a 1979 26' day cruiser with a 454 and TRS drive. Not sure if the trans is B/W or MercTrans. Not being familiar with TRS, I took to Google and found a decent amount of info on random forums. It appears that while these configurations can be pretty bulletproof, finding...
  11. [SOLD] **deal of a life time** bubbledeck runner bottom $5500

    Boats for Sale
    This belongs to wade at weekend paradise lake elsinore ca........... He blew the motor up last time out he wanted around $7k for it as is but he just asked me to post it up for $5500 for quick sell..if i had the cash i would grab it fast.......... CALL WADE @562-688-2523 FOR ANY AND ALL...
  12. Done Deal

    Well it"s final the Hurricane is loading today heading to new home Orlando Florida made final deal yesterday going back to Harleys trading boat for custom bike made arrangements SEXY II going to good home there Wild Bill
  13. Best deal on BBC bare blocks ?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Who's got the best pricing ? Dart Big M w/ billet caps 9.8 deck 4.5 bore :confused:
  14. Cuba - another bad deal

    Political Rhetoric
    Just herd that Obama traded 3 high level spies for the aid worker in Cuba. Another GD aid worker some place they shouldn't be. To bad Obama wasn't in the market for a 2003 Chevy van. I bet I could get 3 corvettes for it. :hmmm:
  15. Deal on gas golf carts to dlb members/fans

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    We just purchased several gas Yamaha & EZGO used carts. They range from 1996-2001. They all run but they are not overly pretty. They will all get a full tune-up & compression test. I will be posting them for sale on this site & a few other sites for $1900. Please mention dlb for a $200...
  16. WTF is the deal?!!!

    Ok, so if there is one thing anyone can unanimously agree on it's that all stern drive gears are manufactured by the same company and that the gears are the weak link in the outdrive. Even Government Motors had figured out how to make gears!!!!! Why is this still an issue?
  17. Mexico made deal to send more illegal aliens to the US

    Political Rhetoric
    Mexico made deal to send more illegal aliens to the U.S. - National Immigration Reform | On Monday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina held a joint press conference in Playas de Catazaja, Mexico, to officially announce an agreement to...
  18. Sprint on Craigs,(Good deal?) Not mine

    I thought I'd share this with ya'll. These seem to be popular boats in the v drive community. Don't know the fella who is selling it but seems like a pretty darn good deal consider the prices I've seen for other Sprints. 18' flatbottom race boat
  19. Good deal on a tunnel

    Jet Boats
    Its not mine but I just saw it on CL and thought someone on here would be interested. TUNNEL HULL
  20. Thoughts on the iran nuk deal

    Political Rhetoric
    I think it's a scam Irun ran out of money to finish their project and obama is all about hooking them up. They are muzzy, they are born and bred to hate up, to give in to obama and the sanctions is like groveling in the dirt to them. Did they forget about susnex already. It put the hurt on them...