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  1. Best used boat dealerships flying under the radar

    PB Open Water
    I have seen lots of advertisements from some of the larger dealerships like Shogren or Legend Marine. But there are a lot of guys like Stuart Litgens of Boulder Boats in Boulder City that kicked ass last month. Over 40 boats sold last month. Any other hidden gems out there?
  2. GM to eliminate 2,600 dealerships over the course of this year....WTF

    PB Open Water
    there they go.............:)hand i'm glad i work for BMW
  3. Bill Heard Dealerships Close

    PB Open Water The nation's biggest car dealer and world's largest Chevy dealer closed down this week. Bill Heard dealerships similar to the "Bailout" fiasco in the home lending industry depended on subprime lending to...
  4. Lift friendly dealerships

    Tow Vehicles
    Looking for a lift friendly dealership in the West Phoenix area. This was my experience this week. So I go to the dealership needing some warranty work. I roll in with my truck and the Service Writer comes out and here is what happened. Cordial greetings by both parties. Me - I need some...