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  1. You decide if we are in trouble . . .

    Political Rhetoric
  2. racist? You decide

    Political Rhetoric
    Smacks of race based media to me...Hell, it IS race based. Where is JJ?? Black Twitter growing into online force
  3. Undecided voters will decide 2012...

    Political Rhetoric
    Family Guy - Undecided Voters - YouTube For entertainment purposes only!!
  4. So tonight they decide

    PB Open Water
    I think I'd said on here a couple of months ago that I was slated for layoff. Tonight, the City Council votes either to lay off or not lay off five of us. We've gotten a lot of stuff done with the union, but this guy just didn't want to negotiate - his mandate was to get rid of the white guys...
  5. Dumb and Dumber; you decide

    PB Open Water
    Brett and I spending a little quality time together in LA at a local bistro. I love Jerry's Deli.
  6. help me decide a boat....

    PB Open Water
    i am looking at some v-bottom boats and need some input... so far i have found a 92 22' howard offshore, a 94 21' hallet 210s, and a 97 22' eliminator eagle xp i don't have any knowledge of these boats. here i what i want to know...which is built better, which has the best hull, which has the...
  7. Cant decide turbo or supercharging and nitrous

    Jet Boats :)hand Quote: Originally Posted by BUSBY yes I am referring to the brand Sunoco the brand being inferior not e85 or alcohol. Just so we are crystal clear, all I've said is that it was...
  8. So....I decide to take my pup for a quick walk this AM

    PB Open Water
    prior to going into work. There is an area behind the condos I live in where I can let her off the leash. A quick run and so forth and then back home and into work. It never is quite that simple when it comes to her. Next thing I know she is rolling around in a mud hole :(. So much for the...
  9. Feds To Decide What You Can Sell At Your Garage Sale

    Political Rhetoric
    I first found out about this new law here. A new law the President signed makes it illegal for anyone to resell certain products unless they have been tested as "safe", it not only affects businesses but also yard and garage sales as well. A PDF of the handbook from the Consumer Product Safety...
  10. Trying to decide between bayon or schiada check out pics

    this is the schiada he wants 900 for it which i think is high thinking of offering him 5 or 6 for just the hull this is the bayon $1500.00 has no tilt or trim all has to be done manually this will be my first ski boat any input you guys have would be great
  11. Trying to decide where to celebrate for my birthday w/ everyone...

    PB Open Water
    All I care about is being with good friends for some good times and good music! Any ideas anyone??? :)bulb
  12. So what made you decide to get married?

    PB Open Water
    With a baby on the way marriage has been a hot topic in my house. The GF wants a big ass wedding. I never wanted to get married and figured if I did it would be getting eloped in Vegas. She keeps reminding about all the presents you miss out on when you elope. We spent the last 3 weeks...