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  1. Declark?

    Anyone have an update on how Mike is doing? Be safe, schick
  2. Where is Declark, and hows he doing?

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    Haven't heard anything from or about him? Hope he's doing well. Merry Christmas to all. Be safe, schick
  3. DeClark crash video

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    This was on FB and all that I have seen so far. Again glad Mike is ok and in good spirits!
  4. Declark Crash

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    Hope for a speedy recovery F Bomb!!
  5. Joe Morgan , Mike DeClark and John D!!!!!!

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    Watching and anticipating what you guys are gonna do next makes the 4 hour drive from San Diego to Bakersfield well worth it!!!!! Can't wait to see what happens in Nov. You guys do not dissapoint from a spectators stand point! All three of your boats are FUC^ING ANIMALS!!!!!!!
  6. DeClark and Big John

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  7. paging prop check DeClark

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    You have just been fryed by "The Champion"