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  1. Valantines day 71 degrees

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Anybody think they can convince there honeys that a day on the delta is a romantic thing? Supposed to be 71 on Saturday. Just sayin.
  2. 30 degree's

    Greg Shoemaker
    For those of you that live in southern California make sure you have drained your engine blocks and exhaust manifolds. We are experiencing freezing temp. that will crack your block if left for 2 days at 32 degrees.
  3. Can I rotate the helm 180 degrees?

    PB Open Water
    All I have a tilt steering column on the "new to me" boat - the tilt lever is on the left side and pulls down to the bottom. (See picture). I want to rotate it where the lever is on the right side so I can install a billet stereo cover instead of the plastic one. I can't install it know at it...
  4. Obama to limit Global Warming By 2 Degrees

    Political Rhetoric On a side note, he will also slow down the rotation of the earth in summer so the days are longer and speed it up in the winter so they will shorter. He is also considering reducing gravity by 10% to make air flight less fuel consumptive and reducing...
  5. 84 Degrees in Thousand Oaks Today !!

    PB Open Water
    I can't believe how warm it is outside. Just came back from the grocery store and the digital outside temp was 84. Almost want to jump in the pool except for it's probably about 60 degrees.
  6. 81 degrees today. We took at 126 mile cruise!

    PB Open Water
    It was 81 degrees today here in central Florida. I've been slow at work, so we decided to go for a lunch cruise. We put in at Deland Fl. and rode up the St Johns River for 63 miles to our lunch stop. The river and Lake George were like a mirror the whole day. The boat cruised awesome all day...
  7. Temperature Dropped 35 Degrees In 2 Hours

    PB Open Water
    Was a beautiful Oklahoma day at 75 degrees. Temp started dropping about 4:30 and is currently 22 degrees and sleeting like crazy. The saying around here is if you don't like the weather just wait a few hours. :p