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  1. Carb to efi fuel delivery?

    Jet Boats
    Check out my attachment and let me know what you think. Right know im getting my 502 gen 6 built by bostic racing. We are expecting 650+hp easily out of it. It will have the edelbrock pro-flo 2 efi system #35530 with 60# injectors on it. Currently my 20 gal fuel tanks are drawn from the top...
  2. Missile delivery

    Political Rhetoric
    Putin lifted sanction on Iran to deliver missile's to them....................Shows you what he thinks of our limp dicked POS, oh I mean POUS...........
  3. Delivery to midwest, bring yours back.

    Boats for Sale
    Taking boat to Iowa from Az. in the next few days, then going on to central Illinois. I will tow back a boat not over 26' for someone. Can meet others from the midwest in Lebanon Missouri to take delivery. It is the most central point there. We will talk price then. If you want a bunch of parts...
  4. Fuel delivery issue

    Jet Boats
    This is weird. The tanks have been plumbed the same way since I originally put the boat together. Two of your standard 10 gallon 8" aluminum gunnel tanks. Draw from the top so standpipes in both. -8 AN to a T, then -8 AN to a filter, -8 AN in and out of the pump and so on. I just put on some new...
  5. Need a delivery to San Francisco

    PB Open Water
    a set of back to back buckets need to be delivered if anyone is headed that way, ill be down to give a little fuel money :) thank you, Troy
  6. Engine delivery?

    Hello, I'm looking to have a engine picked up in the Mohave/Bullhead City CA area and delivered to the Stockton CA area. Please PM me if you can help, or have any suggestions. I can meet you in the Reno area. Thanks for looking, be safe . schick
  7. Engine delivery?

    Jet Boats
    Hello, I'm looking to have a engine picked up in the Mohave/Bullhead City CA area and delivered to the Stockton CA area. Please PM me if you can help, or have any suggestions. Thanks for looking, be safe . schick
  8. Fuel delivery issues - 2.5 EFI XRi 200hp

    I bought an Ultra 21 LX open bow last year. It has a Mercury 2.5L XRi EFI (200 hp - 1992 model) that does not have an electric fuel pump. It is running on the old vacuum system whereby you pump the bulb and then the vacuum created by the engine pulls the gas from the tanks. It has twin saddle...
  9. Help with delivery

    Any of you guys live near FIAT48(Bob) in Sparks Nevada? He offered up a wing and a strut for me to buy, but won't ship it. I have NO WAY of picking it up. I live in Havasu. Anyone coming down to the races in Parker April 18th? I will pay you $100. PM me if you can help out. Thanks, Larry
  10. anyone have a water delivery service?

    PB Open Water
    such as sparkletts? we drink so much water that it is getting rediculous going to the store every few days and buying about 3-4 cases of bottled water. we are considering getting a service but want some opinions from those who have one.
  11. LHC - Favorite Food Pickup or Delivery

    PB Open Water
    I know I know... we are in a financial meltdown. How dare we even drive to Havasu no less consider eating out... :D The lady does not feel like cooking - pizza is out for tonight - what is left? The natives are hungry. HELP!!
  12. Free Install, Free Pick Up, Free Delivery, Free Car Wash!!!!!!

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Now is the perfect time to come to UPW and get your truck lifted for the summer time. Bring your vehicle over to UPW and we will outfit you with all the top of the line products to get your truck lifted and accessorized in style. Let us get you the setup to impress everyone at the ramp and let...
  13. New Boat Delivery

    PB Open Water
    Had to post these photos, summer is around the corner and new boats make everyone happy. 25 Genesis Extreme with our wake series package. Most of you will hate the "rollbar" but it gets the boards out of the boat, rock more audio and this boat has a fun wake at 24mph. Have a great spring break...