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  1. State Dept

    Political Rhetoric
    Now that the state Departments inspector general has issued a subpoena for Clinton foundation,How long will it take for the Clintons to claim its all a vast right wing conspiracy.
  2. Top investigation in the justice dept.

    Political Rhetoric
    More important than Benghazi. More important than the IRS. More important than Fast and Furious. "New cases have arisen with regularity, with Attorney General Eric Holder promising last September that investigators "would check under every hood and kick every tire." Auto parts price-fixing...
  3. Obangya picks Ex panther for Justice Dept ?

    Political Rhetoric
    Who's Racial now ? Questions arise over Obama's pick for Justice post | Fox News
  4. Teague 5 Star Parts Dept.

    PB Open Water
    Comment: I had a problem with a sea strainer I purchased from Teague Custom Marine. I returned it to them for repair or replacement and they made the repair to the unit and returned it with a nice explanation. They said they repaired the one I sent but it looked brand new when I got it back...
  5. dept

    Test Post
  6. Big Thanks to Mike Fassari at SB Sherriffs Dept

    PB Open Water
    While giving a family from Georgia a demo ride last Friday on one of our boats, we ended up going around the little island just north of Copper Canyon. Someone in the family asked me to stop about half way around the island and then pointed out a young male donkey standing by some bushes right...
  7. Dept. Boating & Waterways on the Endangered List Again

    PB Open Water
    Just got notified from Sacramento that the Governor's May Revise Budget Proposal is targeting a consolidation of the Department of Boating and Waterways into Parks and Rec. This has been an on and off again drama ever since the state got itself into financial difficulty, but DBAW has always...
  8. Calif Dept of Boating LIVES on

    PB Open Water
    This is a pretty big deal for California boaters as most the money the Dept allocates goes directly to boating facility improvement grants. A couple of recent memory are the Long Beach Launch facility, and Jack Smith Park. There are dozens of others. Our governor wanted to abolish the dept...
  9. Mesa Police Dept SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    West Coast - South
    I just witnessed a nasty hit and run on Valvista and Broadway. The guy backed up and took off. I started chasing him to get his plate number. I was in persuit for 13 miles with this assclown and on the phone with 911. I finally let him keep going and hung up with the operator. A Mesa officer...
  10. San Berno Sheriffs Dept Budget Cuts

    PB Open Water
    News is saying the Police Helicopter is going to be 110% Ax'ed & High Desert Boat Patrols, personel & inventory are under microscope as very next to go..
  11. Big Warlock's new top secret Defense Dept contract...

    PB Open Water
    Well, I really wasn't supposed to say anything, but I have some top secret spy shots of what appears to be some sort of missle defense system taken at an undisclosed location earlier today. I hear that they're having some problems with their guidance systems though. :D :D :D
  12. Save CA Dept Of Boating & Waterways

    PB Open Water
    Folks, Our CA State Government wants to disband the Dept of Boating & Waterways and absorb it into the Parks and Rec Department. This has been tried several times over the past few years (and thankfully those times rejected). The Dept of Boating and Waterways directs the money we all pay in...
  13. Mervyns Dept Store Closes Doors

    PB Open Water
    Mervyns filed BK this summer and will announce today they will be closing ALL stores. Guess that means I better use that gift certificate fast.... I worked for Mervyns in Yuma, actually a good company to work for and they have been around for awhile. Sad to see them go. Another sign...
  14. Need Help ! - Fire Dept. fire investigation dogs

    PB Open Water
    Evidently, with the CA state budget cuts, the fire investigation dog units are facing cuts or even possible elimination. With the rise in foreclosures, there is also a rise in arson. These dogs actually save the county tax payers money with their skills, but the bureaucrats don't get it. This...
  15. Dept of Labor audit

    PB Open Water
    Talk about total bullshit. In 11 years I have had one employee file for unemployment. He was granted the unemployment even though I have the right to hire and the right to fire. He was late 5 times in one month. He was over an hour late on the day I fired him. This was three years ago. My ex...