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  1. Political Rhetoric
    Boy, the pension holders are flaming mad! They are using words like "unfair", "demand", etc. I particularly like this statement: "...investors will demand (higher interest rates) for assuming the risk." Um, RISK and DEMAND sort of contradict each other, no? Detroit's Bankruptcy Plan Comes...
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Detroit’s bankruptcy is allowed to go on. This is how all the bankrupt cities and towns can dump their legacy workers on to Obamacare. Thanks for your votes union people. Now you can get screwed like the rest of us. :thumb:
  3. Political Rhetoric
    I guess since Detroit has shown such wise investing practices zero feels he needs to bail them out at our expense. What an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F--k Detroit, they made their democrat bed now let them lie in it!!!!!!!!
  4. PB Open Water
    A few pics, from my iphone....... from the Detroit Autorama car show.......Saw a lot of nice rides.
  5. Political Rhetoric
    The Detroit News ENDORSES Mitt Romney! Wasn't Barack Obama's bail-outs his way of BUYING Michigan? The polls today? Mitt 47% Obama 47%. Here's what the Detroit paper says today: "While both poverty and dependency have increased on Obama's watch, Romney promises to replace government checks with...
  6. PB Open Water
    What are your opinions as to the Tigers going back to Texas for the last game, maybe two for the AL championship????
  7. Other Stuff for Sale
    This wil fit the 86- 95 Toyota truck/4 runner with the v6 or turbo 4cylinder. This is a gear type limited slip posi. Good working order. Will sell for $275 or trade . 562-307-5578
  8. Political Rhetoric
    Please watch! A Tour Of Detroit's Ghetto T6WKMNmFsxM&NR=1
  9. Michigan Hot Boats
    Looking for anyone that may have a chainfall engine boom or any other type in the greater Detroit area that would be willing to rent. I'm also looking for a complete running 455 around a '72. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Fried some rings this weekend and want to purchase a...
  10. Political Rhetoric
    It now looks like one large multi-national corporation may already be planning to leave the Country. GM CEO Open to Possibility of Moving Headquarters Out of Detroit General Motors Corp. CEO...
  11. West Coast - North
    Is there a hot boat scene at this lake ??????????? Thanks:)sphss
  12. PB Open Water Thoughts? Don't forget to check out the comments on YouTube also. :(:(
  13. V-Drives
    Just got back... bitchen flight between a rather portly fella & an agravated women... Ron Hill 6 rows back talking the passengers to death... Grich telling everybody about his success in boat racing & politics...:)violent Had a great time with K-boat Guru aka Hawaiian bbq, Bob GN7, Ted Kolby...