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  1. Dear Diary............

    PB Open Water
    Just different trains of thought.
  2. Dear Diary...

    PB Open Water
    HER DIARY: Tonight, I thought my husband was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a bar to have a drink. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment on it. Conversation wasn't flowing, so I suggested...
  3. Motion Set To Rename OPEN WATER To 2Forcefull's Diary

    PB Open Water
    The boards are full of ideas, so what can we come up with? We can have several subsections, including the ever popular "Look What I Bought" and some new ones like "I's Scared, Hold My Hand", and a technical section "Creations from my Sawzall" Any others? :D