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    :mad: Well, looks like no matter how much we juggled things around, we won't be making it to DS this year. About a month ago, I broke my input shaft on my Port BMax Drive.. This grenaded the Gimble housing and a few other assorted parts. Thanks to Big Warlock and his crew, we had the...
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  3. PB Open Water
    This was a way better deal when Magic34 had it for $142,000!!! Found on Craigslist: "2005-08 HALLETT 400 - $175000 (PEORIA) 2005 HALLETT 400 V-BOTTOM, TWIN 525S, MERC RACE DRIVES, STAND OFF BOXES,SIDE ENTREE HATCH, BIG STEREO, TY, DVD,SURROUND SOUND,REFRIGERATOR, LEATHER INTERIOR, GENERATOR...
  4. PB Open Water
    I fully respect those beaches with people's stuff on it to where it appears they may be off tubing, made a run for the Marina or for supplies. However, do some people really think they can drop off 2 beach chairs on Friday night and expect that to be some form of reservation system even if...
  5. PB Open Water
    I did get a nice letter from the front desk and Senior Ricardo, the manager regarding the hotel rules... :D:)devil All in all, it was a great birthday trip to Puerto Vallarta... :D
  6. PB Open Water
    I did get a nice tour of the Mexico jail. :( No fun! I don't recommend it. Stupid cops that wouldn't take a bribe.;) Minor verbal confrontation with some locals and BAM, homeboy has his phone out and calls the cops. I said ADIOS and turned and walked away..... well I might have knocked the...
1-6 of 11 Results