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  1. Bill de Blasio Vows to Stand Up to Donald Trump

    Political Rhetoric
    Bill de Blasio Vows to Stand Up to Donald Trump It is going to be interesting watching these Leftest Mayors "defy Trump".:popcorn: Bill de Blasio says he will fight Trump in court but he is so removed from reality, he apparently does not realize that he will not only be defying Trump, but...
  2. Donald Cucci

    June 6, 2016 this day in the afternoon Donald Cucci passed away at his home here in Lake Havasu City. Don was a great friend to Peggy,and I over these years we have lived in LHC. Don had a very special way of expressing himself, and I was honored to be able to listen, and process many of his...
  3. We figured out what Donald Trump is . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    I'll openly admit my first choice from leading candidates would be Cruz today, based upon his resume, his patriotism and his constitutional understanding. I like his idea of shrinking government promptly and reigning in their overstepping authority but he may not become an option for the...
  4. Sir Donald Campbell

    PB Open Water
    Very interesting reading.... Across The Lake
  5. Donald Trump My OBombshell Could Change the Election

    Political Rhetoric
    Anyone care to speculate what it could be? Donald Trump ?- My OBombshell Could Change the Election | Donald Trump has made it clear … the information he has concerning the President of the United States is HUUUUGE … and he tells TMZ he’s going to reveal the info on Wednesday. Trump...
  6. Donald Trump "gets it" ...

    Political Rhetoric
    Here's a tid bit from the Don .... Let me get this straight . . . ... We're going to be "gifted" with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don't. It purportedly covers at least ten million more people without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS...
  7. Donald Trump!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Is such an attention Whore is getting sickening/irritating. Go Away Donald:))ThumbsDwn
  8. The Donald

    Political Rhetoric
    I listened to him yesterday on Hannity,he despises "0" and is predicting that he will will start a war or skirmish before the election.Will be interesting to see if it happens.I his outrage at "0" and his brides arrogance to fly two 747's to Hawaii and other places and thumbing their noses at...
  9. The "DONALD"

    Political Rhetoric
    At least he tells it like it is!! Kick Ass and Take Names.:))THumbsUp No more pussy footing around.
  10. Donald trump filed for Bankruptcy 3 times.

    Political Rhetoric
    Please stop explaining to me about the vast business experience Trump would bring to the WH. He got a government bailout handout 3 times. He exists today because of SOCIALISM and spreading the wealth. That is all.
  11. You go donald trump!

    Political Rhetoric
    Just saw the Donald on CNN demanding to see Obamas birth records! you go Donald! I would put him in office bofore the O
  12. Donald Campbell went 300 MPH on my lake

    PB Open Water
    Thought you might like to read something about my little town..... Jim