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  1. Double Eagle 28' Day Cruiser by FM Marine info

    PB Open Water
    I recently came across a 28' Double Eagle day cruiser style boat built by FM Marine in California from the 1980's. Does anyone have any info on these boats its in OK condition but needs a complete restoration. I have never heard of them so figured I would ask around.
  2. [Wanted] WTB Double Axle Trailer

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
    Looking to buy a double axle flat bottom v drive trailer for a 19' Sanger. Prefer a flatbottom trailer but I can modify another to work if needed. Im located in Hanford, CA near Fresno. 559-816-8796 Thanks David My son was fixing our boat after it not seeing the water in over 20+ years. Was...
  3. WTB double pedal

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for double pedal and or the whole assembly either or is fine let me see what you have,thanks
  4. [SOLD] Stainless double wall over transom headers.. BBC

    Parts for Sale
    BBC headers.. double wall stainless with Polished stainless collector and over transom tubes. these are super nice headers. asking 1800.00 for everything , headers with transom pipes and the new braided lines on them.. located near sacramento ca. 530-333-1047
  5. [SOLD] Looking to buy 4777 Holley 650 Double pumper

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a rebuild-able core or ready to bolt on. Please PM or call/text what you have available. Thanks Johnf 4083403692
  6. Left needs their double standards to exist.

    Political Rhetoric
    Here is an anti-Trumper who daily professes how awful it is that he spoke rudely over a decade ago about grabbing a woman. Oh, the double standards of the left!!
  7. WTB 750 double pumper set

    Parts for Sale
    WTB a matched set of 750 double pumper carbs.... I am sending them in to be gone thru by C&J so they don't need to in perfect condition.. Going on a pump gas 496....
  8. Double Drilled snoot and bowl HP level

    Jet Boats
    I know this is a loaded question and will get a million different answers (kinda like aluminum impeller hp level). At what hp level does it become necessary or a good idea to double drill the bowl to the intake housing and the snoot to the bowl? this is on an early dominator 12-S
  9. Looking for Double Drilled Race Snoot

    Jet Boats
    Anybody make one with the extra bolt holes already in it ? Looked at Duanes HTP snoot but it looks like it's only made with std bolt pattern and casting is kinda funky shaped where it would need to be drilled out for extra holes
  10. Double Dare

    New member Introductions
    I'm the proud ( and slightly mad of course ) new owner of the 18' Taylor SS with 2 x 460 Ford engines, called Double Dare ( ex Quicksilver ) and would like to get as much history and early photo's as I can on this escapee from the lunatic asylum. I've resisted renaming it with other names such...
  11. Fs large double bimini top glendora

    Parts for Sale
    Fs large double Sunbrela bimini top glendora Hi. I is a massive 18 feet long, 80-86 wide double bimini top for large deck or pontoon boat. Tan color. both parts zip together.Made in USA by sunbrela. Used. No rips or tears. 300.00
  12. Holley 700 CFM Double Pumper

    Parts for Sale
    This is a perfect carb for a mild boat setup. I took this off a stock small block customer car almost 2 years ago. It ran just fine when I removed it and did not leak, but was not what he wanted or needed for that setup. I personally would go through it and put a kit in it before using it. Great...
  13. The N double A CP

    Political Rhetoric
    Is the NAACP Planning to Deliberately Deceive Voters in North Carolina So They Can Overturn the Voter ID Law? Right by the liberal playbook!!! If they included a two piece chicken box they might have something. ;)
  14. WTB 750 or 850 Dual Feed Double pumper core

    Parts for Sale
    750 or 850 Dual Feed Double pumper core , buildable core prefered can be auto or marine Tom
  15. [SOLD] 2004 Zieman PWC trailer (double)

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I have forsale a 2004 Zieman pwc trailer. It comes with spare tire, has some rust and needs wiring. Trailer is located in San Pedro, CA Carlo 310 503 1568
  16. Pair of Holley 650 Double pumpers

    Parts for Sale
    I have a set of Holley 4777 650 Double pumpers, rebuilt last year and have very little run time. They came off a 460 tunnel ram setup and worked flawlessly! One of the bowls had a vent that was plugged, I will throw in an extra bowl if you want it. 460.00 Shipped Paypal accepted...
  17. [Pics] Double Walled BBC Headers

    PB Open Water
    I was in the market for two sets of Boat headers and decided to give XS-Powers Doubled Walled BB Headers a try and here are some pictures. I am very pleased with the product and the price is just phenomenal for the sets! I found them on ebay and contacted them to make sure it was going to be a...
  18. [SOLD] Lightning double jacketed ss headers w/lines $700

    Parts for Sale
    ​......................sold sold sold
  19. Holley 750 double pumper squirter ?'s

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I just recently installed a Weiand tunnel ram on my 454. Everything went together just nicely and after a simple few tweaks and some adjusting to the timing I was running just like before the old stuff was removed. I took it out to run and see how it performed and had some issues I do believe to...
  20. Holley 800 cfm Double pumper for sale.

    Parts for Sale
    I have a spread bore 800cfm carb for sale , anyone out there running a stock spread bore intake , or a Q-Jet carb that wants to step up can. Been sitting for a while but came off a running motor. Just thought I would put it on here for a day or two before I throw it on Ebay. LIST-6213 800 cfm...