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  1. Marble Lake/Quincy MI. dragraces friday 8-1

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Races again this friday at 6:30, Good turnout last friday, this one will be the last race until 8-29 so anyone is welcome just come out and have some fun. Must place a number on boat so dnr can see. Doesnt matter what number just a number. no restrictions -run what ya brung. see ya...
  2. Marble Lake/Quincy MI. dragraces friday 7/25

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Is the races still on in Coldwater this friday? If so who is coming to race? hopwfully there is more than the previous friday. Lets make a count and see who will be there and with what. It would be nice of more than just outboards would show up. Ill be there with a hydro. Whos next