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  1. Sidewinder Splash Drama..

    PB Open Water
    I was doing a bit of research on sidewinder today and stumbled across some legal documents... I've always been into Carlson's and haven't really paid much attention to sidewinders.. But after reading the court documents and thinking about (and trolling) some other boats it makes sense... There...
  2. More fuel system drama

    Jet Boats
    Last year my needle and seat leaked, this year my one year old Carter fuel pump crapped out. :bangmyhead: I really want to find the guy who came up with Murphy's Law and kick him in the testicles!!! So I'm considering trying a Holley red pump. Any issues or opinions on this pump? I ran a...
  3. Drama Thread 3 River racing rules?

    Jet Boats
    Rules: Admin: It would seem the Red Cup guys just believe in river what you brung and hope you brung enoung.... Win or lose you have a good time and when it's done you have a beer with your friends or nemesis. The other camp ....let's just call them the Pink Panty camp (for...
  4. Drama thread....admins please read

    Jet Boats
    Im probably the biggest girl on this site as well as the old Hotboat forums, I thought the Drama thread was probably the most entertaining thread weve had for a long time. Open it up. We need more bench racing here. @
  5. Drama.......................

    Gray Water Storage
    Has anyone else noticed that this particular forum DIED awhile back?? The water at Lost lake is up and there were a couple boats out testing this weekend(and last). WHERE is all the :):)punch talking at?? They should rename this "LAWNMOWER TALK". That way we could all discuss who's mower can...
  6. Drama OBama

    Political Rhetoric
    A new book being released on Tuesday interviewing over ten former aides depicts the first lady as a overbearing witch who has caused many of the staff to leave.Rahm Emanuel,and Robert Gibbs can't stand her and had numerous issues with "0" over here interference in the day to day operations of...
  7. To anyone that doesn't like drama threads

    PB Open Water
    This is hopefully a true fact finding question? I pose a couple questions that I would like REAL answers to please. 1. Why enter a drama thread in the first place? 2. Why do you feel obligated to read the posts, make an additional post/comment and then PM me with the complaint? Help me Help you.
  8. Do you like drama in the forums or when it is peaceful?

    PB Open Water
    I have been involved in several drama threads the last couple weeks and while it does create a lot of curiosity; it is draining and stressful for those personally involved.
  9. Did i miss any drama?

    PB Open Water
    Or is this a drama free zone?
  10. I know there's a lot of drama...

    PB Open Water
    but I can't believe no one has congratulated us on our first ever appearance in "that other magazine". Of course, we're not subscribers, so we had to be told about it too. :D Thanks to UJ, we actually found out about it. :p