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  1. Jet Boats
    looking for a Short-Rockwell drive-line for a Chevy powered jet boat , cant move the motor up for the new PTO type
  2. Parts for Sale
    looking for a Short-Rockwell drive-line for a Chevy powered jet boat
  3. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a good used jet drive line cover. Located in MI, will pay shipping.
  4. V-Drives
    Looking for a 16 spline 4 bolt flange for a solid driveline shaft I have a 4 bolt 10 spline (pictured) but need the same flange with 16splines Anyone got one laying around
  5. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a drive line 1310/1350 either or ,Thanks
  6. V-Drives
    I'm looking for drive line tube 5 1/4 X 24". Does anyone have any suggestions.
  7. Parts for Sale
  8. V-Drives
    Need help/pics to figure this out......(Sorry couldn't turn it)
  9. Parts for Sale
    Posting for a friend. Driveline doesn't slide but doesn't appear to be junk. U joints seem ok. 19 3/4" driveline shield. Small dent but likely won't see it under seat or against v drive. 13" collapsed prop $175 shipped OBO driveline and shield $125 shipped.
  10. Parts for Sale
  11. Greg Shoemaker
    Greg, This is the video that has the drive live speed changing because the yoke angles are different. We talked about this this weekend at Ming. I don't remember where I had originally seen this. I believe it was posted here in PB? Be safe, schick
  12. Parts for Sale
    i have a Stainless Driveline cover that measures 21 long and 12 long.. the diameter is 4 3/4 or 4 13/16th .. bought this and never ended up musing it.. 150.00 plus shipping. located in N.Cal near Sacramento 530-333-1047 Bill
  13. Parts for Sale
    The AFX system uses the ntk o2 sensor. I only used it one time . Now using 02 monitoring in the efi comp.- $195 with sensor New edelbrock fuel pump- pt number 1722- $100 Nice polished driveline cover for jet boat- $85 in shreveport, louisiana 318-687-9088 318-470-1482
  14. Parts for Sale
    Brand new solid driveline 32 spline 28" long Heat treated and ready to go! Changed directions in project; my loss your gain! Paid $225 Asking $175 plus shipping Shawn 949.283.4003
  15. Parts for Sale
    Looking for the plain, polished two piece style. Thx
  16. Parts for Sale
    Lenco solid driveline coupler for sale. 4" length 16 spline. $140.00 plus shipping over $200.00 new
  17. Parts for Sale
    Berkeley pump, BBF 4point plates, driveline & FelPro gaskets, BBC forged pistons&rods Hello all, I am trying to clear some room out of the garage for winter projects. I am willing to ship on your dime & I am always willing to trade! 1976 Berkeley 12-JC jet pump w/ aluminum A impeller. This...
  18. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a solid driveline, adapters, and tube for flywheel forward. Thanks, Steve
  19. Jet Boats
    At what point do you need a 1350 drive line? The ones I have seen measure 7.5-8" oal. I measure 7 3/16" from pto to 3/16 before snap ring on jetaway. Is it possible to get a 1350 in this length or will motor need to move forward to accept shaft?
  20. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a driveline cover for my cruiser. Driveshaft is roughly 30 inches long. TH400 - C500. Any condition. Thanks Mike
1-20 of 74 Results