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  1. Lying ted drops out!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Good riddance to lying rubbish!!!
  2. unemployment drops to 8.6%

    Political Rhetoric
    what a bunch of liberal BS, they think we are as stupid as them!
  3. Oil drops $2.00 a barrel per day four 3 days, prices jump?

    PB Open Water
    and prices at the pump rise??? Link to oil prices.....
  4. OPEC cut 2.2 Mil BBl a day, Oil Drops 3 bux a bbl

    PB Open Water
    No one is believing they'll really cut oil production beyond talk, it'll kill their economies. If they in fact do cut production, the strengthening dollar is canciling any $$ hikes. The American dollar is holding some strength, the British pound was puke-ing last I checked. That helps us. The...
  5. The thrid shoe drops, Bush attacks Cuba!!!

    PB Open Water
    Using state of the art hurricane control technology, Bush directed the category 4 hurricane Ike, across the island State of Cuba from the safety of his basement on the Crawford ranch.
  6. Second shoe drops, Bush takes over Freddie

    PB Open Water
    And Fannie. American taxpayers on the hook for 300 billion dollars to bail out the wealthy. World stock markets skyrocket now that the American taxpayer has covered thier bad debt. Inflation and a weaker dollar to follow.