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  1. PC Dukes of Hazard

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  2. Big dukes heads.

    Parts for Sale
    I have some big duke heads. 22538816 olds. they are the olds nhra 3815 production. made for pro stock. and a brand new big duke intake. the heads were ported by dart. also have a indy blower intake for for big chief heads. Heads have never been hurt. Heads have no valves or springs. 2600.00 for...
  3. BBC Heads Brodix Big Dukes Added Pics

    Parts for Sale
    Brodix 1800 Big Duke heads New springs and Locks 2.100 360lbs seat Fresh valve job "O" ringed Jesel Shaft rockers Head studs Sheet metal valve covers Brodix 1810 Intake Manifold Set of lifters, one needs help. $4,200.00 PM
  4. Dukes of Hazard/Aqua General Lee

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