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  1. Another One Bites the dust..

    Political Rhetoric
    well hitting our heads over and over isnt helping.. just wow I wonder when it will become national security to suppress the clintons.. Pretty shitty man.. the whole thing keeps getting more stinky.. If it walks like a duck quacks like a duck suicides people is prob the clintons or someone...
  2. Happy 60th Fitzy...another one bites the dust..

    Famed circle boat ace Paul "Fastlane Fitzy" Fitzgerald turns the big 60 today...have a great one ain't that bad.. RCL
  3. And another green stimulus company bites the dust

    Political Rhetoric
    Just another green company given billions by Ozero bites the dust. 4th bankruptcy. 3 of them BEFORE Ozero gave them the grant. Of course you know there were a few million set aside for campaign contributions. LINK: Think City's 4 th bankruptcy 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it...
  4. Another city bites the dust!

    Political Rhetoric
    Hope & Change at it's finest. 3 cities in 2 weeks, here in the land of the liberal dumbasses! :hmmm: San Bernardino votes to file for bankruptcy protection -
  5. Dust Collector

    Other Stuff for Sale
    1 hp dust collector, 110 or 220 We used it on a chop saw in our old shop. Now it's just taking up space, need to sell it. 100.00 OBO Pick up only. North San Diego
  6. ceramic dust

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Had some Borla header collector mufflers ceramic coated to match the headers and they came back with what looks like a fine sand in the packing of the muffler. I have blown a lot of it out but I can hear more in there when I tilt them up and down. I am worried that if I install them sand will...
  7. Another one bites the dust! Sorry taxpayers!!!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Yet, another green company has filed for bankruptcy after receiving its handsome loan from the Kenyan's department of energy. Only real question is which campaign contributing buddy profited from all that money before they closed down their shell corporation. Second Energy Department-backed...
  8. E boats e-34 e-26 pits 1970's gold dust

  9. Dust, no kidding, dust....

    Political Rhetoric
    Just when you thought the EPA couldn't get any crazier, they're attempting to regulate DUST!!! Yep, they're trying to tell farmers and ranchers in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, etc etc, that their dirt roads are creating too much DUST..... Where do they come up with this crap?.... The remedy...
  10. GOLD DUST E-23 Jim Hooker

    Jim Hooker Built this Javelin back in 1970's and I found it with a lot of help from my freinds here on this site SO thank you!
  11. Parts Collecting Dust

    Parts for Sale
    Here are some parts I have that are just sitting around collecting dust. All of these items are on my store as well, in the Super Sale Blow Out section. You can also call or pm me. I am willing to trade for 460 parts of equal value or plus cash; Victor 460, MSD Dist.,solid roller lifters, Timing...
  12. Champion Chevrolet in Long Beach Bites the Dust

    PB Open Water
    They've actually been whittling their inventory down for about a month now. Every time I've driven by there's been less and less. Now it's just an empty lot.
  13. Dust to Glory

    PB Open Water
    Pretty cool movie made in 05'. It follows all classes of racers through the Baja 1000. I've been to it many times and always ended up in Ensenada for the festivities but this is cool how it shows the different area's of the race and how those guys literally FLY through town SO CLOSE to...
  14. Dust Storm

    PB Open Water
    Just got hit by this...... crazy.
  15. Dust Cover

    PB Open Water
    I'm looking for a light weight dust cover to put over my regular boat cover during storage- anyone have a suggestion for a local supplier? Thanks.
  16. Dust Control Coordinator

    PB Open Water
    Looking for two individuals to work two jobsites for the next year. I know this might be a long shot, but I thought I would post here as well. Must have recent certification from Maricopa County. Send me a PM. Rob
  17. another one bites the dust

    PB Open Water
    WIMBLEDON, England (AP)—One swing from completing her week’s work, Venus Williams toed the baseline, dribbled the ball, gave it a toss and delivered yet another thunderclap serve at sun-kissed Wimbledon. The ace bounced off the Court 1 backstop as Williams trotted to the net to bid another foe...
  18. I am now a dust guru

    PB Open Water
    I have just attended a 8 focking hour class making me the responsible party for any project over 5 acres. Right when the industry is down. We are now the dust Nazi. After attending this class which any site over 5 acres has to have a certified dust guy on site. With this extra burden I feel that...
  19. Dust in the Wind ...

    PB Open Water
    all I see is Dust in the Wind. Can't see the other side of the lake (Havasu) right now. Looking towards the Casino on the CA side. Major dust storm coming from the SE.
  20. So...another one bites the dust and heads to a pontoon....

    PB Open Water
    and I don't give a shit how hard you fockers hit me with the comments :). I am looking for flexibility, cruising, cost-effectiveness (I know, I know) in running, camping, family fun, skiing, wake boarding, kicking back, stress free boating, BBQ, easy clean up and most of all comfort. To a...