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  1. 1982 eddies custom tx-19 forsale 6500.00

    Boats for Sale
    decided to keep it for now not for sale anymore
  2. Eddies Regatta roll call

    West Coast - South
    Apache lake, lower burnt coral camp ground. August 3-5. 1. Me bitch's
  3. Eddies Inboard Marine Regatta @ Apache

    West Coast - South
    Since I am W/O a running boat at this time, and not at the lake like all the T-locs, I thought I would invite everyone to : Eddie's Inboard and Marine V-drive Regatta... Most people that show up are jets, but there is always more than a few badass v-drives. Always the best people, and at the...
  4. 1982 eddies custom tx-19

    Jet Boats
    here is my project tx-19, 468 bbc pushing 81 mph happy with it for now.
  5. eddies pictures

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I think i posted my pics, not sure yet but anyway if the pics come up, you can see the stringer, some of those holes were already there, i just drilled into them to see there was rott, I had a shop in arizona tell me that it will cost 2,000.00 to replace both stringers, but it might be more. The...
  6. Eddies V Drive Regatta...... ROLL CALL!!!!

    West Coast - South
    Eddies Regatta AUG 5,6,7!!! WHOS GOEN??? My dad,brother and i will be their Thurs morning, im pretty sure Glenn(Eliminator Cat) and Charlie(Stinkfinger) will be their also!!! Gonna be an awesome weekend:)devil:)devil ........See ya their!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Eddies Speedboat Regatta Atendees: Remember this boat??

    West Coast - South
    This boat is now for sale, i have never seen the boat up close, but the guy is only asking $3500. What do you all think, I figured it would be worth more than that.
  8. Hows Eddies boat coming along???

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Anyone have the scoop?? Tony did you invite any of the others down to Brower this weekend JimmyJohn Hass any of the other cats with the fast toys Putman ect..
  9. Hey who's going to Eddies Regatta ?

    PB Open Water
  10. Eddies Regatta

    West Coast - South
    Did anyone post it over on Hotboat?? Just curious to see if we can get a few more peeps to party with ;)