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  1. Here's A Nice Website For Lib Education

    Political Rhetoric
    Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson has a nice new website devoted to O's lack of transparency. Home
  2. Hahahaha, you guys are missing a real education over on FB

    WFL Crew
    Over on the Jetboat Rocks Facebook page this guy posts this up. Over 330 posts/replies in just a few hours. "Some companies are claiming to had built a ""gullwing mold "" and now are producing 19' gullwings.. for race and or for daily cruising. I hear also that companies such " "so...
  3. Education

    Political Rhetoric
    The liberal I mentioned in another post got me thinking yesterday after he told me his tax rate is 35% to Romney 13% :happy: this is a guy that probably makes 50k per year and that he didn't care about Mitts returns but what about the cuts to education and how we are going to compete in a global...
  4. Need an Education on V-Drives

    As a v-drive newbie I'd like to learn as much as possible about these boats. I have lots of questions and hungry for answers. I've found a couple of possible projects and before I jump in would like as much info as possible, don't want to make too big a mistake. A Hondo I'm looking at has a...
  5. Public Education

    Political Rhetoric
    Maroochydore State High School: Answering Machine (Audio) - YouTube
  6. "Education" Illionois Democrat style...

    Political Rhetoric
    Well, now the Illinois Govt gets to step in and SCREW THINGS UP even worse... Really Smart going there East St Louis... Teachers get cut while nepotism runs rampant and the students suffer... To the tune of 1.5 million dollars... I know I know, just raise taxes to offset the gouging that is...
  7. Democrat Governors are now threatening the union's grasp on education!

    Political Rhetoric
    NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is doing the very same thing as has been done in other states to close the huge gap between income and expense in his State's budget by proposing a huge reduction in education spending. How's this going to look to the liberals who have been blaming the Republican...
  8. Need Education on V-drive hulls.

    I'm interested in finding an older performance Vee or Cat which is a Vdrive or maybe even a jet. I would like a boat that's family friendly with a higher freeboard. Dry Ride (like a cat I hate cold water) An effective Windshield. (it's cold in Michigan more than it's warm) Able to handle...
  9. Vision Of What's To Come In US Education

    Political Rhetoric
    As you might already know, PEBO has selected the head of the Chicago Public School System as his Education Secretary. The below article foreshadows what we are in for, under his reign:,CST-NWS-inspect07.article
  10. Education for FOREIGNERS

    Political Rhetoric
    Why do we pay for citizens of other countries education. Then they go back to that country and prosper from their free education? Why do we give foreigners incentives to open businesses here. Example CHINA TOWN in every state? I want the free education and the incentives to not pay taxes...
  11. The "low down" on receivers and amps. Education please..

    I'll admit, I know very little about stereos and amps. I am looking for some basic help in piecing a system together in my cruiser. I am not one for loud thumping music that can be heard a mile away. A few years ago my brother in law got me a Rockford RFX 9210 head unit and speakers for my...