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  1. wanted water cooled elbows

    looking for water cooled elbows, 4 bolt , 3" I.D. x 4 7/8" O.D. aprox. 35° down :)hand thanks !
  2. [SOLD] WTB Turbo exhaust elbows

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    Looking for a set of water jacketed turbo exhaust elbows for through transom exhaust...Just the exit elbows.
  3. Other WTB: Nicson or Glenwood straight exhaust risers/elbows

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    I need a pair of the Nicson or Glenwood straight water cooled risers/elbows with the 4-7/8 flange that bolt up to the log style manifolds. Let me know if anyone has a pair. Thanks.
  4. WTB: sbc motor mount plates and 22 degree exhaust elbows

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    I'm looking for a set of small block chevy sbc motor mount plates for the front and rear. I'm also looking for some Nicson or Glenwood 22 degree elbows and I have a pair of snails I could use as a partial trade.
  5. 4" 90 degree exhaust elbows

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    Brand new 4" aluminum 90 degree exhaust elbows, black powder coated. $50.00 for the pair plus the ride. Located in Taylorsville KY.
  6. [SOLD] Glenwood Thru-transom exhaust elbows

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    Brand new 35 degree water cooled elbows that mount to Glenwood's exhaust manifold system. $75 + shipping. Steve 760-390-0736
  7. Wanted: Downturn exhaust elbows for log exhaust

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    As the title says, looking for downturn exhaust elbows for a water log exhaust system, BBC. I want to run thru-transom exhaust but the snails I just picked up run right into the back deck of the hull! I currently have glenwood manifolds. Located in Reno.
  8. Banks turbo exh elbows

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    Gale Banks turbo exhaust elbows, $300.oo
  9. [SOLD] Glenwood Marine Exhaust water logs with elbows BBC

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    have a pair of nice Glenwood Marine exhaust manifolds for thru the transom style exhaust.. these have the snail style elbows on them as well.. they were on my Mini Day Cruiser and both the engine buyer and boat buyer were going over transom exhaust so didnt need these.. they are in good shape...
  10. [SOLD] 4' Stainless Exhaust Elbows $100

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    I have 4 of these or 2 pair. These are 4" OD 90 degree elbows. They were on my scarab when I bought it. I converted to thru transom exhaust and took them out. They looked to be chrome plated over stainless. $100 plus ride. Bill
  11. Wtb 35° water cooled elbows

    Parts for Sale
    Wanted 35° water cooled elbows 3" hole size 4-7/8" flange, 3-1/2" hose,
  12. OFA'ing Dogs hips and elbows!

    PB Open Water
    I am going to get my Dogue De Bordeaux's hips and elbows checked and was wondering if anyone here has any experience in this? I am very pleased with my current vet, but just wondered if some are better then others in the correct radiographic positioning. It is my understanding that any licensed...
  13. who has best prices on stainless elbows

    GN7 On the Dyno
    i need to modify a set of imco water jacketed exhausts and i need 2, 3.5 in od stainless 45 degree elbows and 2, 4 in od elbows. Know where to buy them? thanks