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  1. [Question] Electrical question

    Jet Boats
    From the battery (the distance to the terminal block is 18) feet that's where all the connections will be made I'm thinking of running 10 gauge wire is that to small or go with 8 gauge, it will power 3 bilge pumps only used when needed a IGN,Tack,Temp and volt Gauge MSD box will be direct to the...
  2. Electrical issues with 496 HO

    Bob Teague
    Have a 2005 sunsation, boat runs great except for when I use the trim gauge all my gauges start to jump back and forth and the tach gauge stop working completely. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Gary
  3. Electrical Issues-Need Help!

    Jet Boats
    I bought a new boat, has a pretty stock 460, its running 16 volts which I know is too high but when alternator belt is on the ignition key wont turn the boat off I have to pull ignition wire, Took belt off and now when it turns over it fires but as soon as I let go of the key switch it turns...
  4. Little electrical issue

    Jet Boats
    So I took the boat out on Saturday and everything was going fine until my radio started to get some interference from the motor. No big deal I shut the radio off. Then as I was cruising I hit the place diverter switch and my boat went dead. Lost all power to everything. I reset the terminal...
  5. electrical ?

    Jet Boats
    not sure if I have a problem or not. What should my voltmeter read key on ,engine off? mine reads 10.5,engine on 12.8ish. just had a battery replaced. alt tested ok. do my numbers seem right?
  6. Electrical

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I've got a starter issue. Had a bad alternator had it rebuilt, next time out not even a click out of the starter. Pulled starter and no go on the bench so had it rebuilt. Spins great on the bench. Turned it over slowly when I first got it back in now no go, click only. Batt reads 12.75 V...
  7. 2005 Suburban Electrical Issues...

    PB Open Water
    2005 Chevy Suburban 5.3l, fully loaded with every option available in 2005. The problems are this: The volt gauge is pegged. All other gauges good, battery and alt are good. The stereo/navigation and dash lites stay on when you turn the ign off and with the key out and the driver door open...
  8. Looking for Electrical Accesories...

    I'm looking for somewhere that carries cool Hotrod'esque electrical accessories.. I already have all the wire I could want... And connectors.. Basically I'm in search of some trick mounting and routing stuff like mountable zip ties or saddles for regular zips, I planned on using regular split...
  9. Havasu Electrical Work Good Guy

    PB Open Water
    I just had some electrical work done around our new pool and this guy did a great quality job. He lives in Havasu and does large or small jobs. Name Rick (Applied Electrical 928-855-0430 He is on the North Side of town Yes he is a boater!
  10. Electrical Question

    Jet Boats
    Took the boat out today and it started a little hard. Ran around for awhile and then floated for about 2 hours. Barely started, got over the ramp and it stopped running, got it started, barely, ran for a couple seconds then stop. Volt meter in boat said 12 volts. Got home and put hand held volt...
  11. Possible Electrical Prob??

    Jet Boats
    I have a question that I think is electrical related... Running through some rough water the boat died... I hit one wake, felt like I'd dropped throttle then back to normal - this happened 2x. Then one more time it did the same but died. As soon as I came to a stop it refired and ran strong...
  12. Do electrical breakers wear out?

    PB Open Water
    When we run the clothes dryer it throws the breaker every time. First I thought it was the dryer so I went out and bought a new washer and dryer set. It's still doing the same thing. Here's whats odd. The dryer is on a 40 amp breaker. The condo is on 100 amp breaker. The dryer's breaker...
  13. Electrical Outlets in Hospitals

    PB Open Water
    So unfortunately we had to take our oldest daughter(18mos.) to the ER last night as she was having trouble breathing. Why are the electrical outlets in hospitals upside down? Every one of them. Anybody know the reason?
  14. Any electrical engineers here?

    PB Open Water
    I have a couple of questions on some IEEE standards that I'm studying for my thesis. Thanks in advance!
  15. Electrical nightmare

    Jet Boats
    So my bow and stern light arent working and i decided to investigate. This scares the crap outta me. Ive wired a few hotrods but is there any specific marine connectors i need and what would you guys recomend as the best way to fix this. Should i remove and build a whole new harness from...
  16. Mechanical or electrical gauges?

    Jet Boats
    Which do you guys prefer? I've always used electric Autometer gauges but am thinking about going mechanical so I don't have to do any more wiring, soldering and heat shrinking.
  17. Residential Electrical Problems

    PB Open Water
    Golly gee, I've been inquisitive lately. To make a long story boring....I purchased my place 3 years ago. A 1260 sqft. condo. Shortly after moving in I noticed some real screwy electrical items. The loft (my office), garage, living room, half of the kitchen and guest bath were all on the same...
  18. Need help with electrical gremlins

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a 1999 Nordic Flame with 1999 Merc 502 MPI Mags. The starboard engine has been suddenly dropping out the last two outings. It seems that the engine quits when we hit a wave or any time the boat jolts onto the surface of the water. I am trying to make a list of connections to check and see...
  19. Electrical question

    PB Open Water
    I'm not an electrician that's why I need help. I am trying to get my air compressor hooked up but I have a 3 prong plug and my new house has 4 prong outlet. Also, 30 amp 2 pole breaker when the compressor is 15a 240v. I am going to install a 20a 2-pole instead but I can't find anyone who can...