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  1. WTB - Ford 460 electronic distributor

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for an electronic distributor for a ford big block. Don't want procomp china stuff... Show me what you got and prices. I'm ready with PayPal or can pick up in person if you are local to CA 91342 thanks in advance
  2. Ford 460 429 complete mallory electronic ignition system

    Parts for Sale
    Up for sale is a ford Mallory ignition system. This sale will include everything shown in the photos, I just took it out of a good running boat, this system is all in great working condition. The only thing that you will find a problem with is on the one of the spark plug boots, it got sliced...
  3. EPS (electronic power steering), Any body have this??

    PB Open Water
    Seems a lot of new cars are going with this type of power steering or at least the ones I have looked at. Any one have it?? pro or cons??? Thanks NSF
  4. dual points Mallory distributor conversion to electronic

    Jet Boats
    Has anyone ever converted a mallory dual points distributor to electronic firing? I want to get away from screwing with points all the time.:)st I see that Mallory sells a conversion kit, but I dont know if it requires vacum advance or not. Seems to me it would work, but I just dont know for...
  5. Electronic dizzy vs points

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    How many use the stock electronic dizzy in there ride ? I currently have a converted points to electronic dizzy with the crane module and rev limiter but im thinking about going stock just to get it running and have less wires and shiat hanging on the engine... I do plan on an upgrade after...
  6. Dumb electronic ignition question

    Jet Boats
    You'll have to forgive my ignorance. I'm used to diesels and haven't mesed with gas engines much. I have a points set up in my Taylor w/bbf right now. If I wanted to switch to electronic, what would be the advantages? Also, would the conversion just consist of a new distributor, or the...
  7. Electronic Run on the Banks - How close to Economic Collapse were we?

    PB Open Water
    According to a US Representative - the United States of America was literally hours from Economic - and even World Economic collapse... (suggest skipping to the 2:00 minute mark...) Worth watching....
  8. Electronic Brake controller

    PB Open Water
    I need to get an EBC for towing a Toybox. Some input as to what brand and model to get would be nice. Do I just go into Pepboy's and get what they have? Are there some special features that are a must have? Help a guy out and point me in the right direction.....please.
  9. Haltech E6K electronic fuel injection

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    Haltech E6K electronic fuel injection with harness, MAP sensor, and fuel trim control. $ 600.00 This system works great and I can assist in set up. It was on a 540 twin turbo motor with 160# injectors for 5 years. Maps for gas and E85. Mark 616 813 7237 [email protected]
  10. MAG VS Electronic Ignition!

    I think Mags Suck. Electronic ignitions work great but sometimes they really blow!!:):)punch
  11. looking for a BBF electronic dist.

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    Anyone have an extra one ? my buddy is looking for one, thanks.
  12. Electronic Fuel Pumps

    Jet Boats
    Whos running what pump on what motor. And do you like it?