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  1. V-Drives
    It’s only with sadness that I post a thread like this but I believe there is a huge elephant in the room. Now before I start keep in mind this is my opinion and others will agree and disagree with some or all aspects of opinion. This is not written to criticize or passes judgment on those...
  2. PB Open Water
    I heard a dirty rumor that the Butte is 16 feet up on water right now over last year. Is this truth or rumor? I will have my boat ready for water this week and next days off from the oil rig I will be there testing and tuning.
  3. PB Open Water
    headed up to the butte this friday camping out over night and coming home saturday evening...our camp is open to anyone that wants to stop by
  4. Midwest
    New to the area (previously at LOTO) and trying to get my boating bearings....hopefully some lake regulars can steer me in the right direction. If so, much thanks in advance! What is a good indoor storage place? I'm about 34' from toungue to drive. Currently storing in EPTX, but there's no...
  5. Jet Boats
    V-Drive drag boat Eliminator Flat bottom not Jet Sanger Hondo Beismeyer BBC V-Drive drag boat Eliminator Flat bottom not Jet Sanger Hondo Beismeyer BBC | eBay Don't know if anyone up in here already posted this but came accross it on ebay.... MY BAD....its a v-drive....something for you guys...
  6. Jet Boats
    Just wanted to thank you all @ SWDBA, Great group of people. :))THumbsUp Lookin forward to the september 10th&11th race. Me!! Ray getting ready to take out Richard!!! Kids loving life!! Richard(Speeddealer) and i getting ready to race Noel
  7. V-Drives
    Bobby and I just finished this boat for Tom Hill out of Boise, Idaho. This is the boat that will be rigged by Dave Sammons, who started a thread about this before it went to Harlan Orrin for the deck. I picked the colors to go with the HEMI theme. Should be a looker with the Indy Hemi in it.
  8. Midwest
    Any Southern NM/West TX peeps call Elephant Butte their home lake? We do most of our boating there. Just about every weekend during the summer you can find us out there somewhere. If you ever see me give me a wave or stop by for a cold one.
  9. Midwest
    I have not heard anything about the poker run they put on at the Butte. Is it going to take place this year? Does anybody know anything about it? Dates? Where to register? I have tried to go for the last two years but something always comes up. If it is taking place this year I will be...
  10. Midwest
    I saw four Big boats being towed in on Saturday. My families boat craped out on Sunday with a fuel Problem. Just wondered if anyone else had the same problem? Filled up at Velaro on Saturday AM. Overall it was a good weekend. Crazy as normal. Thank You State Police for bringing my family home...
  11. Midwest
    September 13th. Last time I was there we stayed at the Elephant Butte Inn. Is there another hotel anyone would suggest??? We are going to bring the heat, hopefully alot of you guys show up.:)sphss
1-11 of 11 Results