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  1. Schiada emblems

    If anyone is looking for authentic Schiada emblems I have listed 2 for sale in the parts forum. Hopefully ok topic else please delete this post.
  2. kurtis kraft badges emblems ???

    what did the 70's kurtis badges look like and where might a guy find one ?? where were the placed on the boat ??
  3. Wtb sanger emblems

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for Sanger Emblems from fresno calif. show me what you have. Thanks :partyguy:
  4. WTB Sanger emblems

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for original late 70s early 80s boat emblems for Sanger Whats out there. Thanks
  5. WTB Sanger emblems

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a couple of the Sanger emblems to go on my '71 Catalina. Also looking for any literature on the Sanger Catalinas as well. Thanks! Bill
  6. Original 72 Tahiti Emblems for sale very nice.

    Parts for Sale
    Make me offers.
  7. WTB Fresno boat emblems

    Parts for Sale
    Hello, Looking to buy Fresno brand metal boat emblems. Thanks. Dave D.
  8. Source for Weiman emblems?

    Jet Boats
    Anyone know where I can find the original emblems or tag for 68 Weiman? Scott :)
  9. WTB pr of vintage Rayson craft emblems

    Parts for Sale
    Looking to buy a vintage pair of raised metal Rayson craft hull emblems for a early 60's rayson craft ( no re makes )
  10. WTB: 60's Rayson Craft chrome emblems

    Parts for Sale
    Looking to buy 1960's - 70's Rayson Craft chrome side emblems. PM pictures and price.
  11. Hallett Emblems (WANTED)

    Parts for Sale
    Misplaced my (chromed metal) Hallett emblems off my '67 Hallett flat-bottom! Anyone have a pair they're willing to let go of? John Lane (208) 731-7999
  12. Looking for majave85 cole boats emblems

    Looking for Mojave85 another member here said he makes new cole emblems please contact thank you. Bernie
  13. Looking for Aquacraft emblems

    Does anybody have or know someone with a couple Aqua craft emblems, preferably with the Covina CA. On them?
  14. Want to buy SANGER emblems

    Parts for Sale
    Want dash emblems and LOGO tachometer....john 810.560.3918
  15. Wtb mandela emblems

    Parts for Sale
    A friend needs a pair!
  16. WTB - Biesemeyer Emblem(s)

    Parts for Sale
    Anyone know of a Biesemeyer emblem lying around not being used?? Looking for at least one.
  17. WTB two Rayson Craft boat emblems

    Parts for Sale
    I am in need of a pair of vintage Rayson craft boat emblems. I bought my boat and they were missing. Would like to put some back on her. Thanks Paul
  18. vintage boat badges

    Parts for Sale
    vintage boat emblems V i n t a g e B o a t E m b l e m s River and lake season is right around the corner! These badges are the perfect finishing touch for that vintage jet or flatty restoration. These badges are cut from 304 stainless steel, and I even get a little bling on them...
  19. Anyone have any extra Magic Emblems?

    PB Open Water
    My procrastination did me in good now. Anyone have a couple they would like to sell? or the stickers? Thanks! :D
  20. Hallett Emblems

    I'm in the final stages of a full restoration on a 1965 Hallett Ski Hydro and need 2 Vintage Hallett Emblems for the final touch. If you have or know someone who might have them would you please PM me. Thanks !! Ron