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  1. New pool leaks around the equipment pad... need advice.

    PB Open Water
    Just built a new pool in Havasu ... We haven't even used it yet. 3 weeks ago we saw that the area around the equipment pad was wet .... the builder said " oh ... My guys just washed down that area" . That area is still wet and the builder now is trying to blame the new sprinkler system installed...
  2. Edited Complete functioning engine machine shop (equipment) for sale.

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Was worth a try selling all at once. Parting Out :) List of equipment posted below. Located in Tulsa OK FOB. Reply via PM or call 918-269-8084 $119,000 Asking price added some more equipment includes 40 years of tooling and supplies. All equipment in good operating condition. most not pictured.
  3. Safety Equipment SRP Jackets, shorts, etc.

    Parts for Sale
    3 Racing Life Jackets SRP Jackets $150. each I have 3 SRP race jackets, in excellent condition, Cert. date is 2012 on one and 1998 on the other two, Size L, ML, M. Price $250 per jacket plus shipping. Dave 818-464-5246
  4. mcintosh stereo equipment.

    Other Stuff for Sale
    my father passed away and I cant see keeping this equipment. he bought it all new from stereo showcase in Vallejo,ca. all orig papers and owners manuals come with equipment. I have no idea what this stuff is worth so if possible can someone lead my in right direction to sell this stuff. its in...
  5. 2015 Equipment Changes - 149 Tsunami BGJ

    Jet Boats
    November 29, 2014 Hello People We are making some changes in the safety equipment on the 149 Tsunami. The old “mechanical Pop Off system” worked, but it would go off at the wrong time every now and then, when the pressure in the intake became greater than the supplied valve in the system, 150...
  6. [SOLD] Engine machine shop equipment

    Other Stuff for Sale
  7. Equipment Needed to Win QE / 1000 foot mark

    Jet Boats
    July 26, 2014 Hello People, There seems to be some speculation out there that some of the fast and quick jet boats don’t have what it takes to win Q E What’s your take :)Unsure Willis
  8. Racing equipment for sale

    Test Post
    This 2004 racing gear. I only used them for 1 year and am asking $1000.00 for these. you can call or email me if you are interested. (925)-766-0808 or [email protected] my name is rick
  9. Safety Equipment

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    If anyone wants to go fast and hang it out there, please contact me. I'll lend you my Lifeline Chute jacket, helmet and restraints. Don't want to see anyone get hurt. Jerry
  10. APBA Safety Equipment Rules...>

    Apba Attention all Circuit Boat Racers:
  11. Matching equipment to power

    Jet Boats
    June 27, 2012 Hello People, Just making a few adjustments so we can run past the 8.o’s in to the 7’s. :)Unsure The hardware is being config now and it’s looking good for the September race.
  12. Wtb driver saftey equipment

    heye guys looking to buy some saftey equipment before wheatland race in sept. looking at running m/e or t/e thanks for the help
  13. Other Lifeline Safety Equipment (New)

    Parts for Sale
    OK guys it's time for me to give up on my dream and make somebody a deal to get started on their own. So here is what I have and by the way this stuff is ALL NEW AND NEVER BEEN USED !!!! One Lifeline Chute Jacket with Carry Bag. $500.00 (will need to be re-certed) One Lifeline full Nomex...
  14. Spray-on bedliner equipment

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Graco Reactor EXP/1. High pressure high heat spray rig. Max pressure 2500psi. Fusion air purge gun. 2-air operated diaphragm barrel pumps. Barrel mixer, barrel heat bands. Fresh air breathing system. Air dryer filter and regulator. Air compressor. This is all the equipment needed to spray high...
  15. WTB: 1 1/8 Rudder equipment

    Parts for Sale
    Looking to convert my ski hydro to a 1 1/8 rudder. So I need a stuffing box, quadrant, pillow block, and trailing rudder (non-chrome). If you got something laying around, let me know. Thanks. Mike
  16. JL Audio Marine Equipment

    Parts for Sale
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  17. [For Sale] Pool Equipment... Filters & Pumps

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I am a pool guy and have some extra parts/equipment. I am tired of storing it so please help me get rid of it. MAKE OFFER!! -Hayward DE Filter Lid 60 SQFT -Hayward Cartridge Filter -2 Wisperflow Pumps. They both needs new motors but i believe one still runs, but just a little noisy. DE Filter...
  18. What safety equipment do i need?

    Jet Boats
    I would like to run my 18' gullwing at the local races next year. After a few changes i'm hoping to run about 80 mph max at 1000'. I do not have a jet away (considering it) or a pop off(setback wont allow it).They require a usgc appved vest and a helmet. Also a kill switch and rope deflector. I...
  19. Machine shop equipment

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Winona seat and guide machine with air float table. Fully tooled. 3 Phase (but a small inexpensive phase converter will run it fine). I also have another Winona that is single phase but no tooling. Also has air float table. $2000 for the tooled machine. We'll talk about the other one. Sunnen...
  20. Anyone from Garden Grove Missing Some Equipment?

    PB Open Water
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