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  1. The trend is not exclusive to Performance Boats, it seems!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Liberals everywhere are digging fast to hide their heads in the sand. Not only has our own limp-wristed club taken leave from posting in our political forum, due to their inability to explain the many-many scandals, legislation, taxation, KenyanKare disaster, nuclear option in congress, Iranian...
  2. Exclusive PRF photo !!

    Political Rhetoric
    PRF rightie group photo!! All the blind sheep!! Doc with his rose colored glasses! Thatguy, Zer058, JD sniffing Doc's ass, Wolfie, Sold Honda, 2MM, Shelfo, Forkin Crazy :lmao1:
  3. The Official Santa Pics Exclusive Thread

    It's christmas time, anyone manage to save all the priceless Santa pics before the other Forum went down? Here's the first one to resurface: SOme of you gotta have more. I know I have a couple. ;) LO