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  1. [SOLD] Moon eye tanks

    Parts for Sale
    2 - Moon eye 10 gallon gas tanks made for hondo with brackets $400.00 + shipping 618-567-1804
  2. '88 Hallett Vector "Eye of the Beerholder"

    Boats for Sale
    FOR SALE: 1988 21' Hallett Vector, 509"bbc and Bravo 1 w/ drive shower (new bell housing, coupler, Gimbal assembly, input shaft, etc), trim tabs and 26 prop, carbon fiber Autometer gauges w/ GPS speedo and factory hour meter, original gel coat and interior in good shape with no clear over the...
  3. bow eye

    well the bow eye finealy gave up after 30 plus years I cant find any bow eye littlepeople so can I cut about 4 inches out of toe board so I slide in and then reglass the piece back the main thing is will it remain safe
  4. Evil in the Eye of the Beholder

    Political Rhetoric
  5. China spits in our eye AGAIN!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Not that I or anyone with half a brain didn't know how pathetic we have become in the eyes of our adversaries and allies for that matter, since this fraud of a leader took over. China underscored the situation by not only stealing our stealth fighter technology from a Lockheed Martin...
  6. Quite possibly the most eye opening six minutes ever on film

    PB Open Water
    SAMSARA food sequence from Baraka & Samsara on Vimeo. Here is a hard hitting dose of perspective of what unsustainable demand looks like. Warning, you may have a feeling of emptiness inside after watching.
  7. Lawmakers eye new taxes on guns, ammo in latest wave of legislation

    Political Rhetoric
    Lawmakers eye new taxes on guns, ammo in latest wave of legislation | Fox News If you can't ban 'em, tax 'em. Lawmakers looking to more tightly regulate firearms in the wake of the Newtown school shooting and other massacres are moving at the state and federal levels to introduce new taxes on...
  8. Transom Tow Eye on Jet Boat

    Jet Boats
    So I am wanting to add a tow eye to the transom on my mini jet boat. When I converted it from an outboard to jetboat I removed all the rotten wood from the transom and replaced with 6 layers of glass. I didn't use wood because it wasn't going to be supporting the weight of an outboard anymore...
  9. Feb 2013 —Keeping Our Eye On the Wrong Ball

    Political Rhetoric
    A email I received. You cannot imagine how hard it has been to avoid launching off on some sort of political tirade every time I sit down at the computer to write Thinking Out Loud. Like everyone else on the planet (at least those watching the real world), my daily life and conversations are...
  10. Lifting Eye for Mercury Outboard

    Parts for Sale
    Lifting Eyes for Mercury Outboard I have three lifting eyes (Part # 12-904551) which I used on a 300X Mercury outboard. (Used twice) Asking $28.00/each.
  11. Bow eye replacement

    I need to replace the bow eye in my Lavey flat. The original bow eye is a single post and I was wondering about the best quality replacement for this type of eye. I'd like recommendations and/or sources if possible. Thanks, Doug
  12. Bow eye is loose and cant get to it. need suggestions

    Jet Boats
    So i thought there was just foam up there but there appers to be a bulk head and i am in no way prepared to cut out that bulk head. What i am thinking of doing is cutting into the deck to install a pop up bow light and while i am there fix the bow eye. I would then need to run a long ass drill...
  13. Wanted: Moon eye gauges

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    Looking for a set of water temp. moon eye guages that mount on heads. :chopper:
  14. Looking for advice on rideplate, 1" shaft, and eye levers.

    76' Sanger flat. It has a 1" shaft, plate is 17" x 58", 4 eye levers on each side, staggered lengths. (5 pillow blocks, one worn out) The plate needs replaced, the shaft is bent, and the levers are not staggered evenly, with one lever being welded into the shaft. Does anyone have a good...
  15. [SOLD] Moon eye side tanks $250

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  16. Nice moon eye side fuel tanks

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  17. [For Sale] Trailer to bow eye rod $40

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
  18. 1976 sanger bow eye question

    I have a 1976 sanger v drive flat....I was wondering if anybody knew what size and type of bow eye was used on this boat...thank you
  19. Eye Exam!

    PB Open Water
    Do you need glasses?? Look carefully at the picture below.... Did you see the bare butt of the girl in the background? If you did see that in the picture, you need to have your eyes examined, as that is the shoulder of the girl holding the camera........ My appointment is at 2...
  20. replaceing bow eye 5" crack in Glass at bow eye, looking for feedback

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a 5"-6"crack in the glass across the bow eye.Low profile jet (Cheyenne slash) There is no way to access it unless we cut a way in to do the repair. Then install a 7 3/4 " ID twist and lock deck plate or something like this after the repair is complete.I am looking for some advice or...