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  1. Faith based politicians - something for everyone

    Political Rhetoric
    Marco Rubio’s deranged religion, Ted Cruz’s bizarre faith: Our would-be presidents are God-fearing clowns Rand Paul, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton all spout pious religious lies. We must grill them on what they really mean JEFFREY TAYLER Share 2K 277 929 TOPICS: RELIGION, MARCO RUBIO, TED...
  2. are you losing faith in your government?

    Political Rhetoric
    if so, how does that affect your role as a US citizen? Do you trust what they tell you? Do you resent paying taxes to an untrustworthy gov.? How else does it affect your life as a US citizen? Does it piss you off when so see the huge waste of money for bullshit programs? What should we do...
  3. When you start to lose faith in the world

    PB Open Water
    The non- stop barage of problems and crisis after crisis gets to be wearing on a person after a while. Try visiting the Flight 93 memorial. There was a couple there who volunteer as guides, which is a very fine gesture to the heroes who died there. This couple has done this for several hours a...
  4. Faith in our congressional leadership

    Political Rhetoric
    More bad jokes from capital hill. Rep. Lamar Smith R Texas is on what seems to be a one man crusade to get e-verify implemented and even the GOP is dragging ass on the deal. E-verify is probably the simplest and quickest way to get people back to work and the very group who claims to to know...
  5. My Muslin Faith

    Political Rhetoric
    Interesting. With all his other "questionable" friends and relationships it does make one wonder if it was an innocent slip up or a not so innocent one ie: a deliberate cover up when pointed out by George. Sure came out naturally. I've never been...