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  1. Under 23' 1975 Sanger Bubble Deck Family SKI

    Boats for Sale
    1975 Sanger Family Ski Bubble Deck, Gullwing TRUE FLAT Hull --- Being sold less ENGINE, but has everything to drop in your BBC, includes Glencoe polished logs, Sanger Original OT Pipes, Water pump, Ignition, Wiring, Driveline and cover Fully Restored, Rigging by Andy Herbert -TheBandit, This...
  2. Here we go again 1981 Family Ski

    After looking for over five months, towed my new boat home yesterday. It's the same hull as my last one. I'll post more pics (and questions) as I start sorting it out. :)devil
  3. happy easter v-driver family

  4. [Video] family flatbottoms and hydros

    family fun..................
  5. 19 ft, 1977 Sanger Family Ski

    Boats for Sale
    Awesome boat rebuilt/ restored better than new!.... by Mike Minegar a few years ago. Perfect and lake ready! 454/550HP, Casale, nice trailer, cover....etc I think I drove it 2 times an it ran awesome! In climate controlled storage in Tulsa. Need $$ for taxes on new $12,500 John...
  6. [Question] looking for first family jet boat

    Jet Boats
    Hi all, looking for a jet boat for my wife my 2.5 yr old and myself. I have had An I/O ski boat for 7 years and just sold it in hopes of finding a nice jet boat. man finding an Open bow in the 5-6k price range is proving difficult, I am in southern California and would like to go below Parker...
  7. [SOLD] 1980 Sanger Family Ski Flat $9,500

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    1980 Sanger Family Ski Flat $9,000 1980 Sanger 19' family ski flat for sale. It's a medium layup hull with an 8* strut/prop shaft angle. It has a mid 60's big block Chevy L88 427ci motor with 858 square port heads. Motor was rebuild a few years ago. Weiand tunnel ram with dual Edelbrock...
  8. rebuild Gen 4 or Gen 6 for family cruiser

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hay guys, I have a 21' open bow jet with the OG 454. Shes getting a little tired and it's time for a repower. It's a Gen 6 with the big heads, factory roller cam and forged rotating assembly . I also have a Gen 4 that was built for me about 12 years ago for a crew cab. It also has forged...
  9. Our first book Adventure in Boating Family Boating Guide

    PB Open Water
    Our first book on Amazon E-Books. Adventure in Boating Family Guide to Boating . My wife is a awesome writer. I am always amazed of how she comes up with things to write and how she puts it all together.
  10. dlb shirts to help Jon's family

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I am having some shirts made with the dlb logo on the front & Jon's boat poem on the back. These will be white shirts & tank tops & I'm having women's stretch tank tops made also. Please let me know what size/tank or T & men's or women's. The golf cart company I run (All Cal Golf Carts) is...
  11. Keeping it in the family

    Just picked up this Sanger for my nephew Cody. He is my brothers oldest son and turns 21 tomorrow. My dad passed down his love of flatbottoms to us so I felt it was only right to pass it down to the next generation. We got a great deal on it and we are going to try to do a low budget resto. He...
  12. WTB: 19' Sanger Family Ski Flat

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    Looking for a nice family ski flat. Nothing blowers....a solid, well maintained and detailed boat and trailer. Something along the line's of Rattle Can Lou's beautifully restored yellow/blue 19'....priced similarly... Whatch got? Thanks....
  13. My 1980 Sanger Family Ski Flat

    Had to fight some flash flooding on the way out to nevada saturday and some heavy rain with hail on the way back yesterday. But we made it back late last night with the new float. I'm totally stoked to start polishing and working on something new. :D
  14. 19' Sanger Family Skier

    Boats for Sale
    BOAT IS SOLD Beautiful restored Sanger. We did this boat for my youngest brother John. This boat was torn down and completely gone through. The boat was completely done on the inside as well as the outside. Tony Applegate replicated the drop shade paint as original to all Sanger's at the time...
  15. 1977 Sanger Family Ski - rudder assembly help

    I'm in the process of reassembling my 1977 Sanger Family ski. It has been apart for about five years and I'm stuck on the quadrant and tiller. I thought I had plenty of notes and images, but can't find (or lost) anything for the reassembly of that area. I'm sure I can put it back together, but...
  16. Anyone DLB family. IMCO tank

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    IMCO 6 gallon tank. Deets $100 707 934-7389. 28" long 8" diameter
  17. So a guy walks into a forum...

    Jet Boats
    Hey All, New guy here. I've been reading up on some posts and this looks like a great place to start my new adventure with my family, jet boats! We have already done the classic restoration thing (back in my 20's, won't do that again), desert motorsports, and now I'm ready to be that old...
  18. Deleted

    PB Open Water
  19. Family, how do you deal with it?

    Political Rhetoric
    David, I love you, we are family. Nothing that either one of us tells or sends each other about politics is going to change the other's mind. Best not to discuss. Please don't send this stuff to me anymore. Greg, Erin, Sorry If I hurt your feelings, I know we are family, get over it. I don’t...
  20. Prayers needed for are friend old school (bob) & family

    Bob called and said he lost his mother to cancer......she was 83.... Bob got to be by her side at the end..........i toldem i would let you guys know and when he is able he will be back on here..... Are prayers are with you bob...........