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  1. HOWDY Quaranteeeeen Fans

    Yes, we are hunkered down with time on our hands!! Lets see if we remember how to surf! Lets talk about projects that are NOW being finished!!?? So here is a sample of my favorite thing to do! RACE with a speed limit to add a bit of fairness! BURLEY! Can't say enough about the venue or...
  2. V Drive Fans

    East Coast - South
    Any V Drive fans/owners on here ?
  3. NFL -Fans

    Political Rhetoric
    I beieve that Mike Rowe it the nail on the head Mike Rowe, the guy of “Dirty Jobs” fame, issued some scathing criticisms against the NFL and — well, and pretty much everyone else tied to the whole football protest movement. No, really, Mike, tell us how you feel. A fan asked Rowe what he...
  4. Burley Racers and Fans

    To all concerned, I want to address the 41 year old Burley Regatta in Burley, Idaho at the end of the month. As most of you know everything was done that could be done with APBA addressing the rule changes coming down on Jan 1, 2016. The capsule rule mandate was coming for a long time but with...
  5. For the LS fans; Upcoming LSX build

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I don't have a lot of LS experience, but this is one we've started for a customer in the mid west; 438ci, LSX block, full ARP, Callies Magnum crank, Callies Ultra billet rods, custom JE nitrous pistons, Total Seal rings, Mast Motorsports Black Label heads, T&D shafts, Holley EFI/intake, Straub...
  6. 427 BB Chevy fans, you'll love this:

    GN7 On the Dyno
    This is a 427 BB Chev that I did the heads and intake for last year and Chris did the cam...customer finally reached his goal of getting into the tens... 1969 2 door Caprice Classic (4700 lbs) powered by a 427 +.030" with ported 063 iron heads, ported 454R "oval" intake, 12.5 to 1 compression...
  7. Any Hip Hop Fans?

    PB Open Water
    I am trying to identify a hiphop-type number my neighbor was considerate enough to wake me up from my evening nap with. If you have any clue what this might be...or even who the artist is....Please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Nfl fans!!

    PB Open Water
    Who is in here? I Love it as I feel the rite of Fall! I just talked to some guys in a Sports Bar,who hate it.:shock: WTF why are you here then? Maybe a Gay Bar?
  9. Just for the Pittsburgh Steeler fans

    PB Open Water
    I added another couple pieces to my 70"s era collection. Got a Franco Harris signed photo with all original rookie and superbowl and pro bowl cards. More importantly I got ( on lay away) a Steelers helmet signed by the Steel Curtain. 24 pro bowls total so they only signed 24 of these helmets and...
  10. NFL Fans... Giants or Cowboys?

    PB Open Water
    Who cares? I just hope Norv Turner doesn't get hired in KC! NFC championship game will be Saints and Packers. AFC championship game will be Ravens and Patriots.
  11. Any Fans of "Breaking Bad"?

    PB Open Water
    I just finished watching the fourth (and most recent) season of this show, and I have to say, I'm pretty damned impressed. Excellent writing, plotting, acting, directing...what a wild ride. At times it reminded me of "The Shield," with its antiheroes, drug plotlines and seriously badass...
  12. For You Hallett Fans - The New Deck Boat

    PB Open Water
    LEAKED pictures of the NEW HALLETT DECK BOAT!!! The brand new redesigned Hallett Deck Boat!
  13. For you Martial Arts movie fans

    PB Open Water
    My cousin is a master is several different types of Kung Fu and some stuff I've never heard of. He was hired to do some work on this movie. Check it out, it looks pretty bad ass. Official - Blood Money - YouTube
  14. Country Music Fans!

    PB Open Water
    Now soliciting praise for my new country tune, with vocals by Nashville-based singer Crystal (pictured below). You Had Me at Goodbye
  15. For "Charger Fans"

    PB Open Water
    Thank God, wouldnt be the same after rooting for them for 35 years, GO BOLTS!!!!!!!!! NSF PS send the Raiders back to LA, thats where they belong anyways. Wed Aug 31 08:55am EDT Chargers owners refute rumor of saleBy Mark J. Miller The San Diego Chargers have long been rumored to be one of...
  16. Blue Angel fans, pretty cool

    PB Open Water Enjoy a little history:) NSF
  17. Any D-Back fans out there??????????????

    PB Open Water
    WOW, what a come back last nite, 3-2 holy crap:D The Phils hadnt lost a game in which they were ahead after 8 innings in 60 games, they were 60&1 until last nite and the boys did it by beating Roy Halladay, arguably the best pitcher in the game and the best team in the game. Gibson has done a...
  18. Any NBA memorabilia collectors or fans?

    PB Open Water
    Just got this in the mail from one of the auction houses I deal with. Although its all NBA stuff so not my cup of tea. If you want it; PM me your address and I will mail.
  19. Are there any ELVIS fans here???

    PB Open Water
    WHO is the biggest ELVIS fan on this site??? Lets learn some ELVIS trivia, I'll start... Finish this ELVIS quote: "Man, I was tame compaired to what they do now. Are you kidding? I didn't do anything but just__________ ."
  20. For Entourage fans..............

    PB Open Water
    HBO: Entourage: Homepage This is a cool video on behind the scenes on Wahlberg and the series. Season 7 out next week.:)devil