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  1. A little Christmas fashion? Maybe not??

    PB Open Water
    One of my sons was browsing the Internet and tripped over some terrible Christmas suits and decided it would be better than the horrible Christmas sweaters so they all agreed to pulled the trigger and closed the deal. Of course, the only place you all wear suits is Church so here they were this...
  2. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008

    PB Open Water
    Tonight @ 10pm on CBS :)devil
  3. Fashion Rocks

    PB Open Water
    Any body catch this music and fashion show on CBS? What a great 2 hours of awesome music and entertainment!!! MTV WHO???? The VMA's sucked again this year. Thank god for this show.
  4. What ever happened to old fashion chivalry?

    PB Open Water
    I'm a 27 year old female who has been single for about a year and recently got back in to the dating scene again. I have to say I'm getting really concerned about the men in my age group!! Men around my age don't open car doors...or doors period, expect you to split the bill on the first date...