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  1. V-Drives
    1973 24 campbell. I'm the second owner , I've had her for 5 years .the only thing that I've done was the new engine and cleaned it .. all original survivor .. thanks for checking her out ,, I'm kinda really proud of the ol girl.
  2. Boats for Sale
    2005 Howard 28 Bullet Composite, yes this is the fastest single engine V bottom ever tested at over 122MPH by powerboat and Hot boat magazines, has gone 130.10 MPH.1200HP fresh Teague motor and brand new Imco SCX drive. This boat has been on the cover of two magazines and holds the single engine...
  3. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Bear with me here fellas. As many of you have heard, NJBA is going to sanction a 660' run what you brung deal open to all open cockpit boats (jets, flats, hydros). It is to my understanding that the 660' finish was decided because open boats are not allowed to run over 145mph and most "lake...
  4. Jet Boats
    Suck it V drives :p Saw this while watching SCI channel this morning. This has probably been discussed, but I haven't seen anything on here like this. 100,000 Horsepower & a couple of big ass jets (:)eek(:) World's Fastest Ship: Incat's Wave Piercing Catamaran - YouTube Ok I'll give this one...
  5. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Let's have some fun. I have no idea what it will take to have the fastest V-Drive or Jet but I am betting that it will take a 105mph pass to win fastest O/B. And if I get mine dialed in it make take a little more than that. But with the passes I have been making lately then if your boat will do...
  6. Jet Boats
    I thought it would be neat for everyone to see a list of these boats. Names with times & maybe keep it updated. I don't know everyone so post em up if you would. Maybe it could be a sticky & stay at the top. Let's try & not sling too much $hit. Thanks Craig
  7. V-Drives
    im looking into buying a biesemeyer, but before i start looking and find one i like i would really like to know what is the fastest/lightest biesemeyer hull there is? k-boat/b-boat/ss boat/ long deck/ race deck etc. if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated
  8. PB Open Water
    My dad used to own a Sanger hydro with a Keith Black blown hemi called Voodoo Canoe. We would run up and down the Colorado in Parker at around 120mph in the early 70s which was FAST. Several months ago I went for a ride in a DCB at 165mph. The DCB ride was much smoother. What's the fastest you...
  9. ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    I am selling posting this add for a family friend please no pm's every thing is in the add call the number for more info thanks 2008 Polaris RZR: This vehicle is loaded with extras. Mountain Performance Inc. Super Charger (With Spare Blower Belts), High Performance ECU Box, Fuel Control...
  10. V-Drives
    An ad from the 5th annual Regatta of Champions, LBMS, June 16, 1963
  11. PB Open Water
    Never been to Tahoe staying on the south shore Zephyr cove and want to know whats the fastest route to Tahoe?? I am leaving from Anaheim and would it be the 5 to the 50? or the 15 to the 395?
  12. PB Open Water
    I was just curious as to what speeds most bimini tops will hold up to?
  13. Jet Boats
    well, different kinda jet but jet none the less:)devil i saw ken warby joined the site, thought some of the young uns might not know who he is: fella has brass bowling balls:D wonder if its the real ken warby:)sphss be neat to hear some of his stories:)bulb
  14. PB Open Water
    again and if you haven't seen it I would strongly suggest it. It does capture the spirit of the Kiwi people quite well. The Kiwi's that I have met have that same spirit that was put forth in the movie. The way he made his way to Bonneville and how he made so many friends along the way was...
  15. PB Open Water
  16. PB Open Water
    Ran across this on youtube. Don't know it's old news but pretty cool to me. Almost 100mph is a electric boat, he's movin pretty good in the kilo run
1-18 of 32 Results