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  1. A California favor

    Hey fellas i was wondering if someone was willing to help me out. I saw an ad on eBay for a part that I want but the owner is apparently only accepting local pickup. No shipping. If he changes his mind and willing to ship then thanks anyways. But at this time before I agree to buy it, I am...
  2. Phoenix to So Cal or Phoenix to River,, need favor.

    PB Open Water
    I need some help getting a mechanical fuel injection unit from Scottsdale/Phoenix area either to Southern California, or to the river so it can get to me to bolt onto an engine, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. It's large enough to be difficult to package and ship safely,, hoping to get a...
  3. Do us all a favor!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    and put a GUN to your MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! If you voted for this ASSCLOWN, you should just end it all. We will be a better place without you!!!:|err:|err. Telling us we are going to be devistated if we do not pass his stim. plan, what a TOOL!!!! Scare tactics!!! and now cutting medical research and...
  4. Picture favor.....

    At the World Final on Saturday, after the last TFH pass I was approached by a guy that had been watching me and my wife shoot pics all day and he had a request to know if I had any pics of the Kentucky Thunder Top Alcohol Hydro. I remember the boat when it ran TFH, but not TAH. The reason for...
  5. Does your wife or GF favor one child over the others?

    PB Open Water
    Wife says she loves them all the same. I don't doubt that, but it seems she has a closer relationship with her 14 year old than our 8 year old. Our 8 year old is a firecracker. Maybe he just wears her out. Does your wife our GF (or your mom) seem to favor certain kids?
  6. Need an Attorney Favor in AZ

    PB Open Water
    Just need to get an Attorney in Arizona to write me a letter to send to my F-N HOA!! Anyone have a good recommendation? Thanks, Patrick
  7. Obama has change of heart about Bush tax cuts as polls favor McCain

    Political Rhetoric Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama had a change of heart yesterday about one of his major campaign issues; the Bush Tax Cuts. The Associated Press quotes Obama as now saying that “he would delay rescinding President Bush's tax cuts on wealthy...
  8. I need a favor

    So it's still not quite warm here in CT and have an urge to watch that clip of Blings old Nor-Tech from Pegged. Can anyone help a brother out? -Tom
  9. A Favor to ask...

    East Coast - South
    Elizabeth's Sweet 16th Birthday is on January 9, and because of her illness, she's not going to be able to get her license, drive her car, or have a big party. Added to this, she goes back in the hospital on the 10th for more chemo. :( I wanted to see if any of you would be willing to send...