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  1. Feel the sellout?

    Political Rhetoric
    Of course you did........ sucker
  2. Feel the burn

    Political Rhetoric
    Come on! It has to be getting a bit hot in the Hillary camp. Can anything else come out about Her? Another 22 top secret emails. Some between her and Obama others with human assets that will "never be released". And to top it off to show her great judgment she now says that we should release all...
  3. Does This Make You Feel Safe?

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama wants 100,000 Syrian refugees to come to the US. Some through our program and some through the UN's resettlement program. This should make you feel comfortable. Jeh Johnson: We Don’t Know ‘a Whole Lot’ About Syrian Refugees Coming to US Through UN Program
  4. to feel young again!

    PB Open Water
    It did not take much, just a trip to the Venue @ Horse Shoe casino in Hammond. We saw..... Huey Lewis and the Newsmen :)devil The ole Boy still has it!
  5. Another Country Letting Us Know How They Feel

    Political Rhetoric
    Even China's bashing O's people. Yeah, he's helped the United States' image around the world all right! "A major Chinese government news service used a racist slur to describe the departing American ambassador in a mean-spirited editorial on Friday that drew widespread public condemnation in...
  6. Now we Americans can feel secure at home --- NOT!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    I've heard of the fox guarding the hen house but this is beyond a slap in the face of all America. I wonder if the appointment came on 9/11? Muslim Brotherhood supporter gets Homeland Security promotion - BizPac Review
  7. So how does America feel about it?? Does it matter???

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems Kenyankare is continuing to fall in popularity at an alarming rate. Surely our resident libs can poke their heads in and defend it while we work to defund it. Just Prior To Rollout, ObamaCare Hits Record Level Of Unpopularity -
  8. Tell us how you really feel jimmy

    Political Rhetoric
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  9. I feel for you guys in Cali

    Political Rhetoric
    I read that Jerry Brown signed three anti-hunting/gun bills in to law... I assume this is a ban on airsoft BB guns: Cali is still going down hill!!! :(
  10. Hope and despair is how I feel.

    Political Rhetoric
    These words have meaning to me. “A democracy is always temporary in nature: it simple cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on...
  11. How do you really feel

    PB Open Water
    How do you feel about your EX anyone. My ex-wife can kiss my ass, made my life a hell. Thank god she found a sucker and I don't have to kick her ass down with almost a grand a month anymore. This meens more water time.
  12. looking for pics of baf called "feel the noise"

    i bought a boat that i was told was an old baf and went by the name "feel the noise" i think,, not that it matters but it would be cool if anyone had a pic or video of it running back in the old days,, it IS A 78 SANGER runner , thank you in advance if anyone has something
  13. Why do I feel like the US is on the wrong side of the issue on this one?

    Political Rhetoric
    Egypt's top general says 'certain group' won't dominate country | Fox News The Egyptian military doesn't want to give it up to the "certain group". The US wants them to give it up to the elected "certain group". I don't see the future turning out well giving up the power. At least to those...
  14. A feel good Democrat

    Political Rhetoric
    This democrat finally did something right. A North Carolina lawmaker says she feels "rotten" after accidentally voting to override the veto of a bill to legalize fracking—the controversial technique of extracting natural gas—in the state. Rep. Becky Carney, a Democrat from Mecklenburg, said she...
  15. went on a job interview and something did not feel right.....

    PB Open Water
    Went on a interview and just felt odd...... For what I do, I normally have a office, complete with computor, phone and such support... But there, there is no office, I am to head to "the closest" construction trailer and work.. But I do not have to go to the office, I may work out of home with...
  16. Sometimes you feel so insignificant.

    GN7 On the Dyno
    We are working around the clock to machine 142 of these 304H nozzles. 2.5 diameter 7.75 long 1.5 bore to a blunt wall 7.5 deep. a 1.30 diameter nozzle the remaining .250 All of these nozzles will be arranged on a 20' diameter pipe manifold assembly making a large burner similar to one on a gas...
  17. I feel a burnout coming on

    PB Open Water
    Finally had a chance to build something for me. All TrickFlow(right down to the pushrods) 347ci stroker Stage 3 kit, all forged, full roller
  18. I don't feel like working today; anybody else feel the same?

    PB Open Water
    It's 10:30 and I am ready to bail out. Unfortunately I have nowhere to go. Does anybody need their boat tested? I could be to Mead in 20 minutes. :D:D
  19. I feel lied to!

    Political Rhetoric
    All this time I thought we where going into Iraq to take their oil and bring our energy costs down. I feel betrayed!!!!!:)sphss:p
  20. Is this how you feel about our government?

    PB Open Water
    The Contreras Letter Janet hit it right on the head! I agree 100% with her. Quick break down if your more of a reader. Now before you call me a conservative crybaby, watch the entire video or read the entire letter. (condensed version) Well, these are briefly my views and issues for...