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  1. Loretta Lynch to be the next U.S. Attorney General---- First Back Female

    Political Rhetoric
    I just love this quote: So being from a real slave family (unlike Obama) adds to her qualifications? :)sphss Obama picks NY prosecutor Lynch to be next attorney general Oh, how comforting. Another Eric Holder but female. So I guess we can expect the same incompetent corrupt leadership out...
  2. Danica is not the only female racer out there.

    PB Open Water
    6 years ago this week my mom passed away at age 73. I wanted to share a little history with the board site. You see, mom liked to race cars. She raced her Porsche on the track and was the first woman to go over 100 miles an hour in the 1/4 mile at the drag strip. I have news paper articles...
  3. [Video] Anyone into female lead rock bands?

    PB Open Water
  4. Skirts for female boxers???

    PB Open Water
    "That's right, skirts. The AIBA has introduced a trial alternate uniform, asking female boxers to wear skirts because it will make the women easier to distinguish from the men..." hil:) Boxing federation wants female boxers to wear skirts - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics Blog - Yahoo! Sports
  5. NFL Female commentators-Love em or leave em

    PB Open Water
    I dont mind them on the field interviewing a player or coach; but I cant stand listening to Suzy Kolber with the boys in the studio. The trend seems to be more female reporters; networks making these moves because they are good eye candy, trying to be politically correct or audience wants?? NOT ME.
  6. Female forum members-What brings you here?

    PB Open Water
    I am pleasantly surprised by the number of female posters and thought it might make for interesting reading for us boys.
  7. Sweetheart Female Pit needs a home

    PB Open Water
    I met Clover yesterday and she is a sweetheart. Very friendly and needs a good home. Just a beautiful dog, fixed, 15 months old, about 50 lbs, light gray and white, purebreed and well mannered. The owner is moving and can't take her with him. Feels bad about it but with the economy and all...
  8. Female drivers

    PB Open Water
    Just pulled in to Laughlin from So. Cal. Wife was asking why I never let her drive while towing? So the question is..... How many of you guys let your woman tow the boat????:)
  9. Female chocolate lab puppy

    PB Open Water
    Anybody know were I can find a good one? :)hand
  10. need a good laugh? FEMALE DRIVERS :)

    PB Open Water pretty dang funny..... Watch for the gal gasing up her 3 sieries BMW :)sphss
  11. ** Best all-time Female Porn Star .. Bar None & Why ?? **

    Gray Water Storage
    I say .. Annette Haven. -R32
  12. Cops shoot female moose

    PB Open Water
    Assholes!:|errStated that the moose was stressed out. Her two calves won't survive without her. Can we shoot cops when they get stressed out?
  13. female body painting in old rosville

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    come check it out no cover... modles wanted... fun time.....
  14. Looking for a good female boat driver

    PB Open Water
    Post your qualifications online or can meet with the PB panel which begins with Shoemaker, Wilkes and Taylor Twins at the next upcoming event. Are there any of you out there? Desperately seeking female driver that can wear a two piece or 1 piece swimsuit while posing behind the wheel at...