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  1. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas - Fight Events Seating Question

    PB Open Water
    Where are the best seats? Do the suites have a view or should I get a floor ticket? Suites are only $95.00 for lion fight 10...
  2. Nobama picking a fight with japan over Nukes

    Political Rhetoric
    He won't do shit against North Korea or Iran...... But he's going to pick a fight with Japan? U.S. Opposes Japan's Nuclear Plan -
  3. Fight On.

    PB Open Water
    Gameday.Suck it westwood......
  4. My Son's 2011/2012 Fight Video

    PB Open Water
    jrbty284 - YouTube
  5. My Daughters 2011/2012 fight video!!!!

    PB Open Water
    Turn up the sound!!!!! jrbty283 - YouTube
  6. Whos your fight pick?

    PB Open Water
    Most Interesting Man in the World VS John Jameson:boxing8:
  7. [Video] Fight in the channel from friday

    PB Open Water
    this happened friday in the channel this guy was startin crap with anyone close to him for about 30-40 minutes the boat he was on even left him cause he would get on and was startin crap with them everyone let it go for sooo long cause he was so hammered kinda sux that they both had to jump...
  8. You gotta fight.. For your right.. To parrrrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyy..

    PB Open Water
    Happy 4th... You gotta fight.. For your right.. To parrrrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyy.. . . . . . Happy 4th to all of my friends here... Be safe and don't forget the troops, many of which gave it all... PLEASE don't take this one political folks... Will you add your name to the list with the framers...
  9. another LS thread to fight over

    GN7 On the Dyno
    we tried to break a stock LS engine on the dyno and couldn't do it. junyard 4.8L LS V8 opened top ring gap up to .028 from .015 using the factory rusty rings reworked stock heads comp hydraulic roller FAST intake 76mm turbos 60 dyno pulls! 1,203hp at 26psi and it didn't break... read all...
  10. What tool did Bush need to fight terrorism...

    Political Rhetoric
    that the FISA court wasn't providing ? Why did Bush need to go around the FISA court ? Please discuss this issue only.
  11. Wanna fight???

    PB Open Water
  12. Cher vs Barbara Streisand cage fight who wins?

    PB Open Water
    Cher kicks her ass
  13. Released detainees rejoining fight.

    Political Rhetoric
    Well, I don't know how the Libs will be able to dress this up. it comes as no shock at all for rational thinking people. I like the part where it says even the Dems are having misgivings with O's ridiculous plan. As soon as the same names start popping up in intelligence reports, the insanity...
  14. Affliction fight card this weekend

    PB Open Water
    This is going to be bad ass!!! Predictions?? Anybody going to see it live?? This card is one of the best ones I think I've ever seen.
  15. And then the fight started.....

    PB Open Water
    When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace expensive.... So, I took her to a gas station..... And then the fight started.... My wife and I are watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex? "No," she...
  16. How do you fight credit card rate hikes?

    PB Open Water
    I take pride in having great credit. Everything is always paid on time. I got a new Bank Of America Visa, a card I've had for 11 years with about an 8% rate which was originally a 30K line of credit. It is nowhere near maxed out, but along with the new card they jumped me to almost 17%... :mad...
  17. LMAO Pic Reminds me of an old board fight

    PB Open Water
    Who can remember the fight that this pic resembles. And I could probably find the original :D
  18. Fight at the bike rack!

    Jet Boats
    BP vs Sleeper CP! Just thought I'd give a forum to these two. It started to get heated when BP told Sleeper that he's his huckleberry.:D
  19. Just watched the Hearing - Lesnar fight again...

    PB Open Water
    F'n Lesnar is a MONSTER!! I really hope he gets is ass kicked in November, but damn. Don't they drug test in the UFC? Can he be drug free and that friggen huge? Come on Randy.....
  20. Kimbo Slice Fight Video....

    PB Open Water
    Rolled Up......:D