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    I was having lunch in the middle of the lake here last weekend and one of my so called mate's decided to crash my little party by driving past us with his OB engine trim up and yes we got wet. Well lunch was a write off and he was coming back to make another pass so I hit the key with the pedal...
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    Deadspin, Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion
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    Best fight card in a LONG time!! 3 Great fights plus a few regulars. Should be interesting. If Forest wins I will be VERY impressed.... tho I do hope he does. Forrest Griffin Vs Rashad Evans Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (hope Mir kicks his ASS) Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva...
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    Man, that BJ Penn is a beast. Sherk never knew what hit him. Jardine is another one that is going to have to go back and think his strategy. Good entertainment. :)devil :)devil
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    Anyone going? We are hitting up Taco Hasienda first for 75 cent beers, then off to the fights. They start at 3 on saturday at the Sands in Havasu.
1-6 of 7 Results