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  1. Epoxy for filling holes in stringers.

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have some screw holes in my stringers and i would like to seal them up properly before putting the new floor in. What is the best thing to use for this?
  2. Filling Holes

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Can somebody please advise how to properly fill gauge size holes in the dash with photos ?
  3. filling and reairing dock dings

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have lots of dock dings around my 76 rogers that I want to repair this year. I'm not sure if the finish is gel or paint. What should i fill with. I don't think regular body fill is right. Thanks
  4. Mardon 2014 spots are filling fast! 8/29-30-31

    Races and Boating Events
    I just called to confirm my spot for Mardon 2014, thinking I was ahead of the game. I wasn't. No spots on the beach are available and getting any spot is going to be impossible soon. Better get your reservations in! John
  5. Filling The Weave

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I am thinking about gelcoating the stringers in, the Advantage, black. The weave in the finnish cloth is very pronounced and needs to be filled for a smoother finnish. My question is, can I sand and then apply a couple of coats of resin to fill the weave? If that is not the way to go, does any...
  6. Slowly filling up the deck boat............

    Jet Boats
    Yup, wife is preggers again.:partyguy::partyguy::)devil:partyguy::partyguy::partyguy::partyguy: Good thing I got the deck now!!! Speaking of my deck boat, I am looking to use a dolly so I can fix my trailer. She is a heavy beast!! Anybody got one they mind renting out for 30 days?
  7. Wanted / Nitrous Filling Station.

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I am looking for a good used one.
  8. Filling exh. holes?

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    I am thinking about filling them in, where can I get the glass and resin? would the home depot have the stuff I need??
  9. Filling large holes in fiberglass!!!!!

    Jet Boats
    How would one go about filling large holes in fiberglass? Like on the dash, with old gauge holes. I was thinking that one would cut a slug of wood undersized, coat it in resin and cloth, then stick it in the hole, and lay some resin and cloth over the front and back. Is this the correct way of...