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  1. Phoenix World Finals

    Races and Boating Events
    Just heard 133 pre registered boats...hate when work get's in the way of a boat race If anyone hears anything please feel free to post Thanks in Advance
  2. Lucas World Finals?

    So who all will be there? It looks like I may actually have work off to go. Looking forward to watching some racing to motivate me to gat a project of my own started so I don't have to make motor noises while pretending I am driving a boat. Paul
  3. Lucas World Finals

    What a great day. True the day was not "great" for all as with any motorsport there comes some heart ache. For me it was a great day as nobody got hurt and all the damage done can be fixed. It was great to see some of you and make a few friends along the way. To all the racers may you have a...
  4. World finals

    Races and Boating Events
    Declark just put a leg on the TAH mph record at 211 and some change! (1000 ft)
  5. LODBRS Finals

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    Are the circle boats gonna be running at Fireturd with the Finals this year?
  6. 2015 World Finals

    Jet Boats
    Just spoke to Ken Dollar, World Finals in Phoenix this year will no longer be a 4 day event. Friday test and tune until noon, then 1st round qualifying. Then 2 rounds qualifying on saturday, then eliminations sunday... :( I know i have always looked forward to the 4 day event. One full day of...
  7. River Racer Eliminations World Finals 2014

    Races and Boating Events
    Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series World Finals at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. Class/ River Racer Qualifying order Position....Over/Under.....Driver....................Boat Number.. .Boat Name …............Dial...
  8. World Finals PHOTOS!

    Jet Boats
    Since I was just a youngster I've been browsing this forum and Hotboat back in the day. The jet section always had the best photos of all the races. It was a good way to stay motivated and in-tune with whats going on in our sport. Obviously (as most have been recently pointing out) there has...
  9. World Finals Test & Tune

    Races and Boating Events
    Anybody know day, times and cost of Test & Tune for this years World Finals. Does not seem to be posted on Lucas site. Thanks
  10. Time share available for world finals

    Races and Boating Events
    I'm posting this for a friend (Gary) he his a time share 10/25 to 11/1 In Mesa at Painted Mountain Resort. It's 26 miles away, one bedroom, with sofa bed, pool etc. Wants $500 for the week. Thanks Captain P Gary's # 208 699 5005
  11. Orangegasm 177 at world finals

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  12. Found a set of keys from World Finals.

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    owner found
  13. Liquidy Split World Finals

    What a Great Time!!!
  14. World Finals Ride Along Videos

    Jet Boats
    We uploaded some videos on YouTube Dont forget to like us on Facebook
  15. Grimes hydro auction world finals

    someone may pick up a good buy. Marty Logan is donating a Grimes hydro and dolly trailer to be auctioned off at the RESP benefit auction at the world finals next weekend. if anyone is interested there are pictures on his fb.
  16. looking for someone coming home from the world finals through northern Utah.

    PB Open Water
    anyone running I-15 home from Firebird? I need to get a couple boat parts home from Firebird that I bought. I live by Ogden Utah but I can meet up with someone along I-15. any Idaho people going to the finals? thanks Roger 801 458 5165
  17. Is there a site with spectater information for world finals

    Jet Boats
    Have looked but cant find much information. Looking for spectater admission fees, classes, times. Thanks Rick
  18. div. points at world finals?

    Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series - LODBRS
    I think I already know the answer, are respective Division points given to each driver at the world finals? Or are you racing to win just the World Finals? As you might guess #1 is just a few points ahead of me.
  19. 2012 World Finals on TV tonight at 6 pm NBC sports

    Jet Boats
    Should be good!
  20. A few pics from the World Finals