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  1. [Question] Need Help finding an old Hondo flatbottom

    Hey Guys, I know it is a long shot but I am helping a family friend find an old Hondo Flatbottom their dad owned a long long time ago. All we have to go on are a few pictures that are posted below. I was told it was a late 60's early 70's Hondo flatbottom that was red and yellow with BBC and...
  2. Need Help Finding my Boat

    PB Open Water
    I hired a shipper on Uship and now he doesn't answer his phone. He picked up the boat last Sunday and last contact he said he was in Nebraska. I believe he is coming down hwy 80. He was supposed to be here yesterday. No contact today. Here is a pic he sent me with it on a trailer. Not how he...
  3. Finding one's own posts, replies, etc

    Community Help
    After using "search" box I now ask here; Is there a function called "my posts" or something similar to facilitate looking up both threads I have started and those that I have replied to? On these types of forums it is usually somewhere in my account info but I don't see anything like it...
  4. Finding strut angle

    Thought I saw somewhere that there's a formula to find the strut angle with some measurements. Anyone out there that can tell me the formula or what my strut angle is? Top front of strut barrel measures 2 3/4" to bottom. Back measures 5 1/8". Barrel measures 18" OAL. Thanks:))THumbsUp
  5. Need help finding me a boat.

    Boats for Sale
    Ok guys I have been on this search for it seems like forever with no luck. I am looking for a 18'-22' checkmate starliner. Seems like this boat was not sold on the west coast. So since I have no luck with the checkmate I have broadened my search to a laveycraft sebring open bow with...
  6. looking for help finding info

    PB Open Water
    any of you guys know much about Dana Performance Boats? i'm looking at a 2005 23' openbow with the 350 mpi merc option. the boat looks great no scratches not dents nothing wrong with the finish.... but cant find too much info on how the boats hold up? the name sounds familiar from growing up...
  7. Needing some help finding previous owner

    I'm trying to find Davey Robinson, lives or lived in the Anaheim area, 714 area code. Davey and his dad bought a Canyon runner bottom new from Wayne Mettler around 1983-84, and uses the "Just Another Toy" name on it. When I talked to Wayne last week he said Davey still has the boat and it's been...
  8. [Question] Help finding 1970 Hardin marine 454 BBC oil pan

    Jet Boats
    Im back again with my 1970 Shuster, Im starting to see a little oil in the bilge under the motor, I think my oil pan may be rusting out. The oil pan had to be patched and welded and painted 3 years ago when I rebuilt the motor, but I think its leaking. I going to pull the Exhaust Headers off so...
  9. My friend needs help finding make of his flatty

    Help ID a friends flat bottom. It's thought to be a Sanger (arnt they all) but I've spent too many of hours re painting my brothers sanger to tell the differences in the hull. It's too squared off where the rub rail would be and the top of the transom and gunnel is totally different.
  10. Help finding new stringers

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I need some good info for sourcing some new stringers for my boat. I have been searching high and low at all the lumber companies and also at some mills. Everything I have read so far is that I need a moisture content of 9% or less. Nobody can do that! Even people with special kilns! Yet...
  11. need help finding scoop

    Looking for this dan olson aluminum low pro scoop for twin dominator carbs. Can provide carb spacing asap. If that helps. Thanks Paul
  12. help finding some boats please

    Boats for Sale
    i live in michigan and would love to find a project boat or bare hull of jet boat or v drive 60s and up i love the ones on here but would like help on geting them here or maybe finding some how to get them closer thank you guys
  13. would like help finding v drive or jet please

    Boats for Sale
    would like project boat or and late 60s up to 90s jet boat or vdrive would like vdrive without motor or in bad shape doesnt mater to me under 4000 or depends on shape thank you for ur help
  14. Need some advice on finding the right boat for me

    Jet Boats
    Well, first off I hate joining a forum like this where my first post is just newb questions... So go easy on me please! :grin: Feel free to skip the first part of this as it's mostly my intro/plans for whatever boat I buy. A little about me: - My DD is an 87 Grand National on E85... - I've been...
  15. Help finding odd boat value for bank???

    PB Open Water
    Anyone out ther know of another book other than NADA to detirmine what a boat is worth for a bank loan. I am trying to buy a 1983 Gator Tunnel (same exact boat as a eagle 21 tunnel jet). Any ideas?? Thanks
  16. Finding Stereo's

    Where on this forum do you find Stereo's for sale?
  17. Help finding funny suspected cheating wife story.

    PB Open Water
    Anyone have the story of the guy that talks about all of the signs of his wife cheating and he hides in the garage one evening and watches as she is dropped off then the punchline is he notices something wrong with his boat car or motorcycle etc. ??????
  18. finding model

    Jet Boats
    hi i am trying to find out the model of my 1974 glastect how do i do that and where is a good place to get insurance in california
  19. Need help finding exhaust

    Parts for Sale
    We are looking for a used set of lightning headers through transome or rewarder or bassets for bbc let me know what u got thanks for all the help.
  20. Need help finding the best flight prices...

    PB Open Water
    My daughter is getting married in Maui in June. I have Kayak emailing me pricing every day. The flight prices are very high right now. I gotta believe I am missing something. What is the best way to get the best prices???