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  1. holley main jet fine tuning

    GN7 On the Dyno
    the carb is a Holley 4150 So new to me boat, I've had it out a couple times at the local lakes. The previous owner mentioned he recently went up in size and was thinking it might have been too much. Any seat of the pants tests I can run to figure out if its should be rolled back to the old...
  2. Another FINE AMERICAN !!

    Political Rhetoric
  3. LENCO CS1 2 Speed, 37%, Fine Spline.

    Parts for Sale
    LENCO CS1 2 Speed, 37%, Fine Spline & Clutch LENCO CS1 2 Speed, 37%, Fine Spline, Air Pod, Adapter Plate to Lenco Cutch and fine spline intermediate shaft (cluth to trans) no passes, polished case, chromed end plate & pod .....Immaculate condition.............$1800.00 + ride from Mesa, AZ. I...
  4. Drive/Trans LENCO CS1 2 Speed, 37%, Fine Spline

    Parts for Sale
    LENCO CS1 2 Speed, 37%, Fine Spline Like New! LENCO CS1 2 Speed, 37%, Fine Spline, Air Pod, no passes, polished case, chromed end plate & pod.....Immaculate condition used for mockup, like new. $1600.00 + The ride location Mesa, AZ....
  5. LENCO CS1 2 Speed, 37%, Fine Spline

    Parts for Sale
    LENCO CS1 2 Speed, 37%, Fine Spline, Air Pod, no passes, polished case, chromed end plate & pod.....Immaculate condition. $2000.00 + The ride location Mesa, AZ.
  6. Craigslist fine 21

    East Coast - North
    nice project boat :happy: 21 FOOT PICKLE FORK TUNNEL HULL
  7. Looking for a 2.5 Merc...rebuilt is fine

    I'm looking to get a 2.5 Merc from the late 90's. Looking to spend between $2500-3000. Anyone know of anything like this for sale?
  8. He wasn't all wrong saying "The private sector is doing just fine"

    Political Rhetoric
    Turns out that many segments of our society are seeing their businesses boom. Pawn shops, bankruptcy lawyers, repo men, food stamp card makers, disability advocates, unemployment offices and government regulators, just to name a few have experienced big growth and are really booming in this...
  9. Onumbnutz says the "private sector is doing fine"

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems there isn't anybody to blame, because everything is fine. I love the line about the state and local governments not having the same flexibilty as the feds. READ...." poor bastards don't have a printing press". If the state and local governments had more FEDERAL money they could hire...
  10. Fine line and striping questions

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I'm basing my entire boat in white because the orange I'm using is a tri stage and calls for a white base. After white is down how long before I put purple 3M fine line on top of it so I can paint the orange. My other questions are Is the Purple 3M fine line ok to use? Can I put regular...
  11. Obama makes fine decision on the war on drugs front.

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama is now an amazing commander in chief based on his decision to campaign during a small drug operation in the state of California. His decision to campaign on the taxpayers dime has saved 20lbs of marijuana from entering the black market. Rejoice in his great leadership. Plane carrying...
  12. Speeds fine. but don't always need. Questions?

    Jet Boats
    I know nothing, compaired to you guys, but trying to wrap my head around all this info.A jet pump runs best/efficient about 8500 RPM? Right/Wrong? Also is a Motor most efficient at Torque Peak , H.P. peak or someplace else? If my motor does'nt make it to peak but goes to satisfication speeds is...
  13. Steeler gets hit with fine because he used cell phone during game

    PB Open Water
    Troy Polamalu was fined $10k for using a cell phone to let his wife know that he was okay during the game after being diagnosed with a concussion.
  14. Everything with the economy will be just fine now...

    PB Open Water
    We have our super hero's here now...
  15. So it is perfectly fine to attack a US ship by any means

    Political Rhetoric
    Although the article does say charges can be reinstated and he isn't being released from prison. The message we are sending to the world is awesome, don't you think. Talk about a pussified nation. Brian Charges dropped...
  16. Ain't noth'in like a fine piece of Iraqi Azz !!!

    PB Open Water The guy in this Vid used to post on HB all the time I think..... - R32
  17. Fine Tune Nozzle inserts

    Parts for Sale
    woops wrong forum
  18. Economy just fine at Dodgers Stadium

    PB Open Water
    Took the family to a Dodger game on Sunday. A friend of mine who is a season ticket holder gave us his seats. Everything looking good. Yeah right. 4 Dodger Dogs 1 Garlic Fries 2 Sodas $42.75 2 Coors Light Beers $24.50 WTF? We went to a Cubs game a couple weeks ago while we were in Chicago...