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  1. seedoo's answer to the finger boat

    PB Open Water
    jet boat painting - Bing Images :happy:
  2. Finger Nails On A Chalkboard!

    Political Rhetoric
    Greta's voice.:)sphss
  3. Russian TV reporter gives Obama the finger

    Political Rhetoric
    anyone catch this?
  4. Jesse James Finger Boat?

    Gray Water Storage
    I have to laugh when the owner of possibly the Most Obnoxious Item ever made would slam Jet Boats? I feel many would not accept free beer and other bennies if had to ride on that Spooky Mobile:)sphss But as he says,You Might Be A?
  5. Finger Lakes in NY...

    A lady friend of mine said the finger lakes in NY are excellent for boating...just passing it along.
  6. BBC MSD 84891 Low Profile Pro Billet Crab Finger distributor

    Parts for Sale
    this is basically anew distributor ... i put this in my engine about 3 trips from the end of its pulling the motor and selling the boat and it was New when i got it . new i paid 379 for it plus the wires were 85.00 ... would like 230.00 shipped to your door for it .. this is for a Standard...
  7. Danica displays finger

    PB Open Water
    I'll bet we haven't herd the last of Danica flippin the finger at Milka and crew as seen at, her sponcers must be a little concerned. With this kind of behavior I don't see her being around much longer.