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  1. Trump fires Comey

    Political Rhetoric
    Finally, the President got rid of the political hack. Hussein appointed him in 2013. I never saw the previous FBI directors act like the wussy pussy Comey. Hillary's illegal actions would put anyone else in jail, but Comey gave her a pass. It is still not to late. I hope Trump appoints a...
  2. Bass Lake Fires

    How close are the fires to Bass Lake? We saw on the news here that they were real close. Hope everyone out there will be safe and no property in danger. That looks like a real mess for sure out west. The fire fighters are some tough dudes for sure!!! God Bless them :))THumbsUp...:))THumbsUp
  3. New twist on recent "Wild Fires"

    PB Open Water
    Been dealing with my Brother-in-law and his recent loss of a ten year home project on five beautiful acres.....He is not in good spirits. I don't believe he has seen this. If you haven't seen this I'm posting as "GOOD INFO" Economic Warfare Super Panel - William Scott - YouTube
  4. How jet boats put out fires

    Jet Boats
    Video - Breaking News Videos from
  5. AutoZone Fires Worker Who Stopped Robbery

    PB Open Water
    AutoZone Fires Worker Who Stopped Robbery | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes What a joke! Not that I shop there anyway, but I'm damn sure not going to now!!! :no:
  6. Thatguy are you doing ok with those fires up in Redding?

    PB Open Water
    Everyone living up in nor cal, wash, oregon, Idaho and any one that has fires around them. Hope everything is okay in your neck of the woods. Good luck
  7. Fires of Kuwait

    PB Open Water
    Watching a documentary named "Fires of Kuwait", made in 1992. Anybody seen this? It is hard to fathom the extent of the Oil well fires, the extinguishing of them, and just the surreal footage being shown. Unreal. (DTV channel 267)
  8. Texas Fires Shot Over Federal Bow....

    Political Rhetoric
    Reaffirms its sovereignty via tenth amendment. All I can say is it's about damn time. The federal govt. better wake up quick. There's a states' rights movement in full effect and now the great state of Texas is taking the lead.....once again. The feds and some state govts. have for too long...
  9. Jeff Gordon fires pit crew

    PB Open Water
    Jeff Gordon fires entire pit crew This announcement followed Gordon's decision to take advantage of President Obama's scheme to employ inter-city youngsters and also take advantage of some Tax credits for Mr. Hendricks. The decision to hire them was brought about by a recent documentary on...
  10. Arizona home invasion caught on tape, homeowner fires back

    PB Open Water
    link Those guys completely chickened out once they found out they had to deal with an armed homeowner. Even armed with weapons and superior numbers, criminals are always cowards at heart IMHO everyone should be a...
  11. Wild Fires photos

    PB Open Water
  12. Fires in Orange County

    Saturday was a day that we will long remember. FIRES all around us. Smoke and ash still all around. Here in Fullerton we are not in any danger but my sister in Anaheim Hills was told to leave the area and other friends had family that were asked to leave their homes too. Scary situation. Makes...
  13. Corona area fires...

    PB Open Water
    Just got off the phone with a friend and apparently Gibson's was one of the first houses to go up in the fire that's burning off the 91. :( With all that they do for the boating, dune, and overall performance industry, this is sad to hear. Keep them, as well as the rest of the people losing...
  14. Anyone following the fires on TV? Anyone effected?

    PB Open Water
    Porter Ranch is now ablaze. Some trailer parks got anihilated near Oak Park. It's spreading fast.