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  1. Parts for Sale
    Selling an fittings and SS hose all different sizes - 4 - 8 -10 - 12 - 16 - 20 if any interest contact me for sizes and amount. NPT - AN and AN hose fittings also SS hose. Also 2 SS through hull cable fittings.
  2. Parts for Sale
    Looking to sell some of my SS line and fittings. Everything is new also will be selling later -12 line & fittings -16 line & fittings -20 line & fittings
  3. V-Drives
    Where can I buy bulkhead fitting that is long enough for the transom. This is for a runner bottom where I have a hose from the pick up to the bulkhead fitting. Thanks
  4. Parts for Sale
    I'm looking for 4 -16an straight stainless swivel fittings. Please Pm me if you have any. Thank You, Bobby
  5. Jet Boats
    ISO long bulkhead fitting in #10 in aluminum all I can find is stainless and I don't want to pay 90 bucks
  6. Parts for Sale
    Over 175 steel braid lines with AN fittings on each end. Lots of AN-8, AN-10, AN-12 and AN-16. Also many smaller sizes. $500 all. (949)248-0083 or (949)248-0083 Health forces sale.
  7. Parts for Sale
    Over 300 new XRP AN fittings, Too many to list separately. Some fittings are $20+ each. All or none. (949)248-0083 or [email protected]
  8. Parts for Sale
    Lots of steel braid lines with AN fittings on each end. Most lines are 24" or shorter. AN sizes included are -4, -6, -8, -10, -12 and -16. Most are in the -8, -10 and -12 area. You know how much it costs to plumb a boat or race car. Save some money here. A line with an AN fitting on each end is...
  9. Parts for Sale
    Used but still good 45.00 takes them all -10 and -8 Top straights are -10
  10. Parts for Sale
    I have about 20 new Morse cables. Most have threaded ends. Different lengths. $20 each. New AN fittings, 50% off retail. (949)248-0083 or [email protected]
  11. Parts for Sale
    More stuff, Prop bags {​all bags SOLD) Misc fittings ( fittings ​SOLD) New REX pedal Assy. Mike (714) 395-8145 Best offer:)
  12. Parts for Sale
    I have some new XRP and Earl's fittings left over from a build. Most are AN-8, but there are a few AN-12 and AN-16 stuff. Check out ad #182642103 on racing junk under fittings for a complete list with prices. (949)248-0083 or [email protected]
  13. V-Drives
    I'm fixing to plumb a boat and was wondering if anyone has used Bonaco fittings? Would like to know about their quality.
  14. Parts for Sale
    New AN -8 fittings. Most are XRP or Aeroquip. I will include FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states. [email protected] or (949)248-0083 6 x straight female swivel couplers. $35 6 x 45* hose ends. $90 3 x 120* hose ends. $55 3 x 180* hose ends. $55 2 x 30* hose ends. $30 5 x 60*...
  15. Parts for Sale
    5 x 90* hose ends. $65 6 x 45* hose ends. $90 6 x straight female swivel couplers. $30 8 x straight hose ends. $50 All are AN -8 [email protected] or (949)248-0083 ALL ARE SOLD. THANKS PEFORMANCE BOATS.
  16. Parts for Sale
    Used AN -12 hoses & fittings: overall length/fittings. 26/ST - one fitting only 18/ST/90 16/ST/ST 11/45/ST 8/ST/ST (2) 7/ST/ST 7 pieces $65 + shipping Used AN -10 hoses & fittings: 23/45/ST 22/45/ST 19/45/ST (2) 19/ST - one fitting only 18/ST - one fitting only 15/90/90...
  17. Parts for Sale
    6 short steel braid hoses with AN-8 fittings on both ends. Overall length and fitting combination. $100 1 x 16.5" with 90/90 3 x 13" with 90/ST (1 not pictured) 1 x 11" with 60/ST 1 x 10" with 60/ST [email protected] or (949)248-0083
  18. Parts for Sale
    I have a whole bunch of used AN fittings and 2 water dumps. $100.00 free shipping to lower 48 states. I only take paypal. ([email protected]) don't ask me to count and list what each piece is. Thanks mike 530-701-9030
  19. Parts for Sale
    Hey all, Figured i would post here before i make the order with Summit. Heres a list of the fittings i need and the qty. Let me know if you have any and what you want for them id rather spend money with the boating community than summit. 8an to 3/8NPT Straight Adapter - Need 4 6an to 3/8NPT...
  20. Parts for Sale
    Im looking for 8 brass fittings that screw into the bottom of bassett headers and then the water injection line screws into the brass fittings.
1-20 of 83 Results