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  1. Rudder stuffing box: fix or replace?

    Anyone familiar with this old 1 1/8 box? Is there a seal kit for it or should I just replace it? It leaks about a gallon every 4 laps....only at speed. :confused:
  2. Hoping for alternator hook up fix

    Jet Boats
    Would anyone be willing to take the time to instruct me on how to properly wire this? It's an older rebuilt marine Motorola.....
  3. Fix This

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Maybe a custom articulating rocker?
  4. [Question] suggestions on stringer/Hull fix

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a 1984 Sleek Craft Kauai I have been working on. 454, Berkeley jet 12JC-A. original 1/4 stringers. Due to a poor trailer design it has developed a hook in the hull. Starting from about 4' from transom running up to about 10'. The peak of the hook on the port side is about 1/4" deep. On...
  5. [Question] How should I fix this floor?

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a 1978 Jetboat and i got it from the girlfriends parents. It has been sitting for some time but the hull is in great shape. all the fiberglass is in good shape except the floor is horrible ill post pictures... The bottom of the boat looks fantastic as the boat only spent 10 years in the...
  6. Aluminum Transom Fix in Lake Havasu

    PB Open Water
    Our old pontoon boat is starting to get a hair line crack on the aluminum transom. Does anyone know a repair shop in lake havasu who could do repair on this? I usually take the boat for service to the outboard doctor but he doesnt do any metal/welding work. Thank you.
  7. Stripped Hole Fix?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    He fellas, besides a Heli-Coil etc is there anything on the market or tricks out there to get this 5/16 x 18 bolt to bite and hold 13 lbs of torque? It's from my Vette transmission Valve-Body that threads into the aluminum case, I never even got to torque it, I just snugged it up and it pulled...
  8. How can I fix this?

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    My x wife went Bat Ass Crazy and took it out on my boat. Whats the best way to fix this? There are 4 spots that are to the glass.
  9. [Question] Fix my teague platinum XR or get a IMCO sc drive for $5k

    My 28 daytona has started taking longer and longer to get engaged into forward gear. I have accidently dropped it into gear at 900-1000 rpm twice. I am running a blown 509 making around 850 HP. drive has 1;32 gears. Drive was rebuilt around 50 hours ago according to previous owner, who knows how...
  10. Diverter gate problem fix

    Jet Boats
    Just got this nifty little part from Bergeron eng, it fixes the wore out gate selector on your diverter handle. Comes as a flat plate, ace employee Bill Culver came up with this idea, machined the diverter housing so the stainless plate fits flush as before, machine a couple of stainless bungs...
  11. How can I fix these Cracks!!!!!!!!!

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    The pics are on the deck, Can I bondo these? Or will primer fill it. Or does it shrink too much?? If I sand all the yellow off cracks are gone, but the one crack between colors is bad. Seems like it would have done this even if it wasn't painted??? Or do I need to reglass the whole decklid or...
  12. WE know how to fix this. We have been here before

    Political Rhetoric
    A friend emailed this to me yesterday. Its very interesting. It explains exactly what the government was doing wrong the last time we were in this artifically induced mess as opposed to a normal economic ebb and flow, how the government bad it worse by interveneing, and how to fix the problem...
  13. Floor Fix

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Just Got my new Flat home and want to start working on it. It is an older boat and hasn't been taken care of very well. The construction appears to be first rate, but the years of sitting uncovered in the sun has taken it's toll. The floor looks like it is covered with dry cloth. I am willing to...
  14. How to Fix This? - Stringer Glass Work

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    So I've done minimal glass work. I've made some things off of molds and patched a few things here and there that didn't matter all that much. How do you go about fixing something like this? If the stringer is good, do I remove (sand) the old glass or leave it? Once I remove it or if it's a patch...
  15. Glass Work - How To Fix This?

    Please Delete - Thanks! Please Delete... I reposted in the right spot.
  16. How to fix dip or sag in the fiberglass on the deck??

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Just bought a Chris Craft xk19 and right in front of the windshield on the stbd side there is a major dip in the fiberglass like there was something sitting on it for years. I will take a pic and send it in a bit, but does something like that sound fixable? Theres actually 2 but the other is...
  17. Any advice on how to fix this ( Gelcoat related)

    Jet Boats
    I posted this over in the fiberglass section , but maybee need a little more exposure. May be some of the gel gurus will see it here. I was just looking for some advice as to how i may go about fixing the bad spot on the gell. the whole gel scheme is done as a fade. If it were a solid color i...
  18. whats the best way to fix holes in the bottom of the boat?

    Jet Boats
    just lifted my new to me boat off the trailer to replace the bunks and low and behold i found why the seats were the most secure i have ever sat on. some ass hat drilled right through the bottom of the boat and mounted the brackets that way. :(((((( they were exactly under the bunk so i didnt...
  19. Best way to fix transom rot

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    There is rot on each side of my transom from where the old swimstep brackets used to be. The swimstep only had 2 brackets holding it on and some water must have gotten in there and caused the lower side of the mounts to cave into the transom. The previous owner took off the swimstep and had...
  20. Need to fix my output housing

    I need to fix or replace my output housing. We exploded a thrust washer at Augusta and when we had it apart, found out the bearing was about gone and the shaft was a little loose in the housing. It got us through the race, but want to fix it before we put the new motor in the boat. Can the...