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  1. PB Open Water
    my 78 hawaiian has a crap load of stress cracks due to it not having a deck support it has one now and doent flex but all the gell coat has been stripped off what would be a good filler to put down level out and paint any help is very appriciated
  2. Jet Boats
    I have hit a brick wall today. Finally got the impeller off and this is what i have found. Not sure if its worth fixing but i cant afford the new ss Impeller this yr. I have an alum impeller but i think that will do more harm then good. Any advice or sugestions. Trying to get back on the water...
  3. V-Drives
    talked to the fiberglass guys today they need to take the top off the miller put new stringers in it fix some bulkeds they ball parked it at 2500 I know it's a good deal for the amount of work they are doing just don't know if the boat is worth it .What do you guys think
  4. PB Open Water
    So we are down at the P1 Superstock races in San Diego and Tim from Oregon Custom Marine comes up and asks me if I have anything to cover a hole in his race boat. I tell him lets see if Chris has any stickers in his truck joking around. He says sure that will work. So we go to Chris's truck...
  5. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    i have 1969 sanger flat and where the top and bottom of the boat are seamed there are cracks i ground them out and am ready to repair them but i get so many diffrent stories on this repair some say i have to use mat some say just good resin no mat they tell me its not structural these are not...
  6. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    ok heres another problem i have.
1-6 of 8 Results