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    There was a fire earlier today at the administrative and storage buildings at the Flight 93 site. One of 3 buildings that were damaged or destroyed contained memorabilia to be used when the new visitors center opens next year. The sight of the smoke over that area was heartbreaking even though...
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    God bless our fallen hero's!
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    Bet you didn't know your Pop was so computer savy:)
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    My daughter is getting married in Maui in June. I have Kayak emailing me pricing every day. The flight prices are very high right now. I gotta believe I am missing something. What is the best way to get the best prices???
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    YA THINK SO !!!! .....Well hey, they didnt say that he asked he if she liked water sports first and she said yes... she was probably hot too .. LMAO !!!! ------------------------------------------------ Man urinates on woman during flight ...Suspect had been drinking, jailed, FBI investigating...
  6. PB Open Water This pilot was amazing. I thought i did a good job pulling over after blowing a trailer tire, then this guy comes along and lands a plane in the drink not killing anyone. Amazing.
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    I just looked at a 29 X-Flight and was wondering if it would be a good allround boat for the river and the big water (going to catalina) from HB. has anyone had a X-Flight out on the ocean ??
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    Need to fly to MAUI .... a stop in hawaii for a inter island hop is ok. I want to fly out SEPT 10th and return sept 17th... 2 adults 1 child @ 7 yrs old. non stop out of either las vegas or Los angles leave after noon on the 10th and leave Hawaii around 3pm ish we have a house on...
  9. PB Open Water
    Advantage 29' X-Flight 13240
1-9 of 11 Results